Unallocated and junk machines

Any machine (including DICE) that's not currently in use, but is still fit for use, should be put in a store-room e.g. IF-2.09, IF-1.Z26, AT-4.11.

For a machine that is not fit for reuse, e.g being retired as too old, or has irreparable hardware fault please put it into IF-B.03


If there's some story regarding the machine, e.g. "don't use this yet, waiting on user to confirm they have backed up the data", please label this clearly on the machine along with your own name and date, otherwise anything on shelves in storage is assumed to be available for re-use.

MDP machines

Managed Windows desktops and laptops are slightly different. It is very likely to be soon redeployed for a new user then please leave the LCFG and dns entries intact so it can be re-installed. Otherwise if being retired as MDP, please make sure to delete the machine from DDI and Active Directory Users and Computers (available from support MDP) in addition to all the steps below

Update LCFG, dns, inventory


This is how the LCFG file should look. Make sure to remove any office.h and wire.h headers :

/* hostname */

#include <dice/os/unallocated.h>
#include <dice/hw/hp_elitedesk800g4.h> (the machine's model)

dhclient.mac   01:23:45:67:89:AB

/* End of file */

2) Remove IP from dns/inf

Before removing from dns, set the lcfg as above. Please don't do this the other way round otherwise an email report alerts us of missing IP address. Likewise, we would be nagged if the machine was still listed in a switch file mac lock after removing from dns. If the machine came from AT student labs, or Forum hotdesk open areas - please check for mac lock first. Query with:

rfe -xf atnet/hostname
rfe -xf edge/hostname
rfe -xf bayesnet/hostname
Remove the mac lock from the switch file if one exists.

If the search returns 'rfe: command failed: /usr/lib/net/netman-scripts/find hostname' then this means the string pattern has not been found.

Remove the hostname from dns/inf and hash out the IP address so it can be seen as available for re-use

3) Update inventory

It's important to set the location manually as this will not happen automatically with the machine being off the network.
ii edit --ho hostname --location IF-2.09
To ensure the UUN is removed from being allocated user, set alloctype
ii edit --ho hostname --alloctype unallocated

Research Institute Laptops

What to do about laptops that are returned by RA staff that are leaving, but are still fit for use? We've still to decide how to deal with these.

Junk machines

For a machine that is not fit for reuse, for example being retired as too old, or has irreparable hardware fault, then all of the above applies too, except the LCFG header should be changed to:
#include <dice/os/junk.h>
and inventory allocation changed
ii edit --ho hostname --alloctype junk
Move the machine down to IF-B.03 and update the inventory location
ii edit --ho hostname --location IF-B.03

We are aware that there are other wiki pages regarding decommissioning of machines which can cause confusion , see RT99575

-- JenniferOxley - 26 Apr 2021

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