Granting Theon Portal Access

Edit the appropriate live header:


Depending on the user requirements, add their UUN to either:


Save and commit the live header; access will filter through after an overnight run of the conduits.

Things can be hurried along only if absolutely necessary. Access to parts of the Theon Portal tree are controlled by an .htaccess file in the the branches which are generated by conduits. If the user needs access to PGR admin pages for example do this:

On the portal server, assume apache. Examine the environment used to execute conduits with crontab -l and use export to set all values (e.g. PORTAL_ROOT, etc.), before running the appropriate conduit(s):

ssh nsu apache

Navigate to the required part of the tree; in this example it's here:


Check the top line of the .htaccess file:

# Conduit: TP000_Reports_PGR_Admin_Access

Run that conduit:

OUTGOING=/disk/data/portal portal RUN TP000_Reports_PGR_Admin_Access

Check that the new UUN appears in the access list, and ask them to start a new web browser session.

-- RichardBell - 25 Jul 2017

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