Teaching Software requirements 2018/19

The project is now complete - see TeachingSoftware2018Report


field purpose
Course Course Code
Semester Taught in Semester
Lecturer Course Lecturer
Software Software required for course
Change/no change/new Version changes or new software
Status Upgrade or installation (or not) status
RT RT ticket relating to request
DB Yes if Theon updated with changes

colour meaning
New Software New software required
New Version New software version or checks required
No Change No change this time or all done

Software Requirements

Course Semester Lecturer Software Change/no change/new Status RT
CS S2   qemu-kvm new check security implications RT:89210 RT:93110
AR S1 jdf Isabelle Update to 2017 version 2018 deployed, tested by lecturer RT:89774
ADS S1/S2 kk AlgoBench former/current student project - but note we're not responsible for service. cloned VM RT:90185
INF2D S2 alex Haskell (GHC) No change will use Stack-built Haskell-platform for this, but will hang back post S1 start. RT:89778
PPLS S2 mic Openmpi - version 3.0.0 , GCC 4.8.5 No change Nothing required RT:89781
IJP S1 dcspaul Java10, Eclipse Photon, Bluej, Scenebuilder (latest versions of all) Update bluej java to 10, Eclipse Photon, SceneBuilder 10 done; a little more testing RT:89783 RT:90093 RT:90626
CT S1 cdubach CMake Version 3.4.3, plus 30G extra quota for module n/a Quota updated. RT:89795
SDP S2 jeh, bwebb, gde Bluetooth communication running fully with DiCE , HD to USB capture device drivers New drivers required Check and install appropriate drivers RT:89853 RT:89854
ANLP S1 sgwater, ht Miniconda with Python 3.5 ipython spyder matplotlib scikit-learn nltk nltk_data numpy scipy Changes possibly needed Done, partially delegated to ht with group space. RT:89879
TSPL S1 wadler AGDA (latest) + agda-stdlib + Emacs Mode New: GHC, package AGDA done RT:85803 RT:90142
MLPR S1 imurray2 Matlab any version. Python with NumPy , SciPy , Matplotlib, ipython (the command-line shell) Ideally Python 3.5 with NumPy >= 1.10, but not essential. Otherwise any versions. NumPy should be linked with a fast BLAS. Nice to have (in any version), but they aren't essential for MLPR: octave (also with fast BLAS), juypter notebook, pandoc, more python packages: seaborn, pandas, scikit-learn. Changes and upgrades required assumed ok RT:89968
CD s1 npt, with support from gde Xilinx Vivado Design Suite, version 2015.3,
USB drivers for connecting ZYBO boards to DICE machines
Changes and upgrades required checked, OK RT:90039
PDIOT S1 dka, with support from gde Android Studio 3 on DiCE , 3.1.2 or the latest stable Changes and upgrades required Check to see if studio 3.1.2 available RT:90097 RT:91476
PM S1 jeh Matlab (non specular) and Eclipse >= mars No change Nothing required RT:90119
ILP S1 stg Android Studio 3.1.3 or higher Upgrade to Android Studio, plus check vtx enabled on all lab PCs Upgrade required RT:90271
IoTSSC S2 ppatras Android Studio (latest version)
- nRF SDK (12.3.0)
- ARM embed toolchain (gcc-arm-none-eabi-7-2017-q4-major-linux)
- nRF Command Line tools (9.7.3)
- JLink libraries (V632d)
- Python (3.6 is fine)
- nrfutil
Upgrades and new software required Python OK
Checks, upgrades and new installations
AIPF S2 smaill swi Prolog 7.6.4 Upgrade to swi Prolog Upgrade required RT:92762
INF1-OP S1 vseeker Eclipse 4.7 Java 8 JUnit 4 No Changes required All requirements satisfied or exceeded RT:92999
SP S2 da SEEDUbuntu VM New files to be rsynced to /disk/scratch/; guidance issued RT:93208

IoTTSC Progress (as per RT:90284)

Component / Software Owner Status Notes
nRF SDK (12.3.0)    
ARM embed toolchain (gcc-arm-none-eabi-7-2017-q4-major-linux)   7_2018_q2 installed https://developer.arm.com/open-source/gnu-toolchain/gnu-rm/downloads
nRF Command Line tools (9.7.3)     Needs newer glibc. https://www.nordicsemi.com/eng/nordic/Products/nRF52840/nRF5x-Command-Line-Tools-Linux64/58852
JLink libraries (V632d)   6.34b installed  
pc-ble-driver-py     Dependency of nrfutil. Needs boost 1.54 but we only have 1.53
piccata   1.0.1 installed Dependency of nrfutil. Only works with python2
etc [...]  

-- TimColles - 02 Jul 2018

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