Teaching Software requirements 2016/17

This project is now complete - final report at TeachingSoftware2016Report


field purpose
Course Course Code
Semester Taught in Semester
Lecturer Course Lecturer
Software Software required for course
Change/no change/new Version changes or new software
Status Upgrade or installation (or not) status
RT RT ticket relating to request
DB Yes if Theon updated with changes

colour meaning
New Software New software required
New Version New software version or checks required
No Change No change this time or all done

Software Requirements

Course Semester Lecturer Software Change/no change/new Status RT
?? S2 ?? TensorFlow change iainr to update  
AR S1 jdf Isabelle (latest, with polyml integration) change rpms built, waiting testing Desn't appear to have been installed globally RT:78591
CQI S2 cheunen Quantomatic (latest) new done RT:78636
IJP S1 dcspaul Java, JavaFx Scenebuilder, Eclipse, BlueJ (all latest versions) change updated bluej to 3.1.7 RT:78637
COPT S2 hleather None no change nothing needed RT:78640
ABS S2 mrovatso None no change nothing needed RT:78641 RT:80649
EPL S1 jcheney Scala 2.11 (without Scala Eclipse plugin necessarily) no change nothing needed RT:78643
EXC S1 kheafiel GNU parallel and Hadoop change parallel updated, new hadoop cluster installing. Done RT:78645
MLPR S1 imurray2 Python 2.7 and 3.5, NumPy (>= 1.10), SciPy , Matplotlib, octave (latest) plus BLAS/ATLAS integration change all done RT:78646
TSPL S2 wadler Coq 8.4, compatible of CoqIDE and Proofgeneral change check emacs warning and verify versions RT:78647
CP S1 jcb gcc, SDL and SDL-devel no change all there RT:78649
INF1-FP S1 dts cabal-install emacs-haskell-mode ghc (7.8.4) and ghci. REVISED atom 1.10 instead of emacs, with haskell support new New software required RT:78652 RT:78934
CD S1 npt Xilinx Vivado 2015.2 package, together with the various drivers that are listed with Vivado on the current pages for 2015/16 teaching software. no change checks needed plus license file update RT:78655
INF2A S1 jrl Java and Javac no change checks needed for version verification RT:78656
BIO2 S2 mhennig python-biopython (latest) change install latest (1.6.8) waiting for test ok Built RT:78660 RT:80645
PPLS S2 mic openmpi (latest) change install latest (2.0.0) RT:78665
OS S2 mob QEMU (latest) new sticking with default qemu, too tied in to OS RT:78673
COMN S2 mlee23 VirtualBox: the default version, the COMN linux VM image that has Dummynet software package no change checks needed to verify dummynet RT:78683 RT:80857
IVR S1 mfallon Matlab (latest) python3 (latest) change check hardware priveleges (gde aware) RT:78699
DBS S1 pguaglia PostgreSQL (latest) no change check module-dbs grants pgteach permission RT:78704
PM S2 jeh Matlab (latest), eclipse (latest) no change check to verify versions RT:78705 RT:80670
CCS S1 keller Matlab (latest) only, dropping R, R-lme4, and Cogent no change nothing needed RT:78718
NLU S2 keller Python2.7.5 (or most recent), plus gensim 0.13.3 https://radimrehurek.com/gensim/ pandas any version numpy current default Dice version is fine json current default Dice version is fine changes gensim 0.10.0 installed, 0.13.3 requested RT:78719 RT:80757
SDP S2 jeh Arduinoide (if possible an updated version - currently 1.0.6) Opencv Vlc Xawtv Minicom or other suitable Terminal program for serial port use mplayer/mencoder (if possible), ROS (maybe), gutton's VLC video streaming scripts change needed: arduino-ide RT:78745
RL S2 ram Arcade Learning Environment new software awaiting full response RT:78752
CCN S2 pseries Matlab plus psychophysics toolbox change no psychophysics toolbox available RT:78753
INF2B S2 hshimoda Matlab (latest) Octave (4.03 if poss) no change installed octave 4.03 RT:78779 RT:80717
ANLP S1 ht / sgwater nltk, nltk_data and iPython (py2.7) python2.7 no change nothing needed RT:78968
INF1-OP S2 thospeda / sviglas - Eclipse Latest (4.5?) - Java/javac (Java8) - JUnit (Junit4) no change checks required RT:79004
SELP S1 stg Android Studio possible change Android SDK already there - is that the same thing? Stg seems to have been happy with it. RT:79227
AILP S1 smaill Python 3.4-compatible version of python-igraph possible new software for next year Checks required RT:79551
PI S1 wadler Video editing software new software Trialling blender before site wide install RT:80019
FV S2 jdf NuSMV 2.6.0, CProver (CBMC) changes new software packaed iainr, perhaps not installed system wide? RT:80675
RC S2 mcryan Nothing in particular no change nothing needed RT:80669
INF2D S2 mherrman PL 5.10.2, matlab, haskell no change All there already RT:80653
FNLP S2 ht Python 2.7, iPython (py2.7), nltk, nltk_data, matplotlib no change All there already RT:80648
ADBS S2 pguaglia PostgreSQL, latest version (9.6.1), Pyscopg2 Python module, latest version (2.6.2), Java Development Kit new software pguaglia satisfied with lower versions RT:80647
CQI S2 cheunen Quantomatic new software new software being packaged iainr RT:80646
SP S2 da Virtual Box, with USB support possible change checks required RT:80644
DME S2 mgutmann Same as IAML (nothing in particular) no change All there already (I believe) RT:80789
ES S2 bfranke we need some udev rules to be set in /etc/udev/rules.d/10-freescale.rules, plus as the boards will advertise their own IP addresses (no DHCP) we need the network ports in G.A11 to be set up accordingly. possible changes Possible changes, especially re dev rules RT:80926
INF1-DA S2 stark The "Open Corpus Workbench" (ocwb) from http://cwb.sourceforge.net/ It's the "cqp" command-line tool we specifically need. Latest. Command "dia", LibreOffice Draw and Base, PostgreSQL, the pgteach.inf.ed.ac.uk server, and the inf1da database there. no change No action required RT:81339
FV S2 + "a couple of weeks" pbj GNAT Ada 2016, and SPARK 2016 new software new software required RT:81524


-- GrahamDutton - 19 Jul 2016

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