Teaching Software requirements 2015/16


field purpose
Course Course Code
Semester Taught in Semester
Lecturer Course Lecturer
Software Software required for course
Change/no change/new Version changes or new software
Status Upgrade or installation (or not) status
RT RT ticket relating to request
DB Yes if Theon updated with changes

colour meaning
New Software New software required
New Version New software version or checks required
No Change No change this time or all done

Software Requirements

Course Semester Lecturer Software Change/no change/new Status RT
CT S2 cdubach asm (version >= 4), jpackage-utils (version >= 1.7.5), objectweb-anttask (version >= 1.3.2), objectweb-asm4 (version >= 4.0) everything up to date, objectweb-asm4-4 installed all done RT:72677
IJP S1 dcspaul bluej (version >= 3.1.1), eclipse (version >= 4.2), evince (version >= 2.28.2), java (version >= 1.8.0), javafx_scenebuilder (version >= 2.0) Changes required Eclipse 4.5 planned RT:72678 RT:70900 RT:73168
CP S1 jcb No response forthcoming Assuming nothing required No change RT:72676
DS S1 rsarkar networkx python library 1.9.1 required if possible 1.8 available, 1.9 in progress Labs running with 1.8 RT:72679 RT:73742
SDP S2 ht Opencv, Arduino IDE, VLC, Xawtv, Minicom, ROS, DiCE based video streaming and recording service New software required Graham/Garry looking at this: iainr shipped opencv2 and latest vlc RT:72681 RT:72298
MLP S1? It's a new course srenals python-2.7 and recent versions of numpy (ideally 1.9.2) and matplotlib (ideally 1.4.3). no changes required python and numpy done, matplotlib upgradable using pip install RT:72682
CG S1 tthorne GLFW (latest), GLEW (latest) Changes required awaiting teaching approval. RT:72683
MLPR S1 imurray Matlab, python, scipy, numpy, matplotlib -- "latest",/s> Changes required numpy and matplotlib to be updated RT:72685
INF2D S2 alex pl (version >= 5.7.11) Nothing to do 5.10.2 installed RT:72691
INF1-OP S2 perdita Eclipse >=4, Java latest Changes required Eclipse 4.5 planned. RT:72701
SEOC S1 perdita Eclipse >=4, Java latest Changes required Eclipse 4.5 planned, possible new online assessment? RT:72700
DDS S2 ewan interactive notes using Ipython notebook / Jupyterhub. New software required pip3 install jupyterhub (within a virtualenv) when I try to run it I get an error : Failed to find proxy ['configurable-http-proxy'] The proxy can be installed with `npm install -g configurable-http-proxy` RT:72704
COMN S2 mlee23 VirtualBox: the default version, the COMN linux VM image that has Dummynet software package Checks required Need to check image RT:72704
EPL S1 jcheney scala plus eclipse plugin new software New course, no code yet, need scala eclipse plugin integration RT:70345
URP S1 John Lee ideally need a web page/site similar to that which supports the UG (and MSc) projects clone of msc/ugr project www site new www site - approved RT:70952
MI S1 Alan Smaill no requirements no change nothing to do RT:72712
LP S1 Alan Smaill sicstus (version = 4.2.0), teyjus (version >= 2.0) Checks required Awaiting testing RT:72713
FNLP S2 sgwater/ht/alex? nltk, iPython (py2.7) Changes required built RT:72717
ANLP S1 sgwater/alex(?) nltk, iPython (py2.7) Changes required built RT:72717
CCS S1 keller R (version >= 3.0.1), R-lme4 (version >= 0.999999), cogent (version = 2.3.8), matlab (version >= 7.11.1) All done Nothing left to do RT:72754
INF2B S2 hshimoda 3.82 or 4.00(latest)Octave Changes required octave 3 accepted; octave 4 built and available as future option. RT:72785
ASR S2 hshimoda HTK 3.4.1 Checks required awaiting testing RT:72786
TSPL s2 wadler coq (version >= 8.2), coq-coqide (version >= 8.2), proofgeneral (version >= 4.1RC) All done coq-8.4 installed RT:72795 R:75121
CSLP S1 ppatras no particular need for Eclipse and Eclipse CDT as long as we can have another IDE for C development installed on DiCE machines (e.g. NetBeans , CodeLite , etc.)   eclipse (latest version) -- 4.2 eclipse-cdt (latest version) Probably easiest just to build these for SL7 anyway 4.5 now installed RT:72819
AV S2 rbf gimp (latest version), mplayer (latest version), xawtv (version = 3.100), xv (latest version) Changes and checks required New software required RT:72899
CD S1 npt Vivado Software (to be fully packaged), fxload (2002_04_11, regression from SL6) libusb-devel (0.1.4, regression from SL6) xilinx-ise-wrapper (version 132), xilinxdrivers (version 101i) Changes and checks, and new software required All done RT:73017 RT:73081
INF1-FP S1 dts emacs-haskell-mode (version >= 2.7.0) ghc (version >= 6.12.3), cabal-install (version >= 0.8.2) Changes and checks, and new software required 2.9.1 installed RT:73273
EXC S1 kheafiel GNU parallel, upgrade hadoop New software Required Iainr has sorted this out heroically RT:73498
NLU S1 mlapata perl-XML-DOM, perl-DB_File checks Required both available on sl7 RT:74516
PPLS S2 mic openmpi lastest version is ok available on sl7 RT:75133
CA S2 kk axiom lastest version is ok rebuilt for sl7 RT: 75298
AR S2 jdf Isabelle new version required provisionally build for sl7 RT:75117
NLU S2 keller python-pyswip No longer required nothing to do RT:75141
INF1-CG S2 mlap matlab (version >=7.11.1) Matlab 8.5-2 installed nothing to do RT:75139
ML S2 smaill No special requirements Nothing nothing to do RT:75131
INF1-DA S2 stark dia (version = 0.97), libreoffice-base (version = 3.2.1), ocwb (version = 3.0.0) all there or available via yum New software added to package list RT:75748

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