Teaching Software requirements 2014/15


field purpose
Course Course Code
Semester Taught in Semester
Lecturer Course Lecturer
Software Software required for course
Change/no change/new Version changes or new software
Status Upgrade or installation (or not) status
RT RT ticket relating to request
DB Yes if Theon updated with changes

colour meaning
New Software New software required
New Version New software version or checks required
No Change No change this time

Software Requirements

Course Semester Lecturer Software Change/no change/new Status RT DB
AGTA S1 rmayr maple17 change Licensing issues ongoing, rmayr will look into matlab alternatives RT:68066 RT:68100 YES
MLPR S1 imurray2 matlab (any) no change no action required RT:68057 YES
PM S1 jeh matlab => 7.11.1 no change no action required RT:68025 YES
NC S1 mvanross grace, iv, nrn, octave-forge no change no action required RT:68018 N/A
SELP S1 aclark6 nothing specific no change no action required RT:67998 N/A
ANLP S1 sgwater Python/ipython, matplotlib, nltk, ipython to work with python2.7 change No further action required RT:67997 YES
LP S1 jcheney sicstus (version = 4.2.0), teyjus (latest) no change no action required RT:67993 N/A
CSLP S1? ppatras eclipse-cdt, gcc, gdb, make, and git no change No further action required RT:67985 YES
CCS S1 keller Matlab (version >= 7.11.1), R (version >= 3.0.1) no change no action required RT:67979 N/A
BIO1 S1 mhennig Biopython (reasonably current) no further changes No further action required RT:67978 YES
INF2C-SE S1 arajan eclipse-jdt and Papyrus 0.7.3 for Eclipse Helios new software Needs documentation - need has probably passed RT:68157 YES
AILP S1 ewan latest Python 3 compatible graph-tool new software All done RT:68249 YES
CNV S2 jbednar python2.7 upgraded software No further changes required RT:68037 YES
IJP S1 dcspaul Eclipse4.x BlueJ JavaFX Scenebuilder Java8 (for working JavaFX ) New plus upgrade software All done RT:68454 YES
CA S2 2015 kk Axiom (replacing maple) new software now installed Now available on devel RT:68549 YES
RL S2 mherrman Matlab existing version no change no action required RT:69617 N/A
IVR S2 mherrman Matlab, webots, kros existing versions no change no action required RT:69618 N/A
NLU S2 keller Pyswip Gensim NLTK NLTKdata No changes required Check s/ware meets requirements RT:69643 YES
PPLS S2 mic openmpi-devel No changes require no action required RT:69652 N/A
DMR S2 sramamoo Existing matlab No changes require no action required RT:69668 YES
ABS S2 mrovatso Jason/Eclipse Software integration Need to make jason work with eclipse if poss RT:69794 YES
FNLP S2 alex NLTK NLTK in a course-specific virtual environment Seems to be all done RT:69407 RT:69608 YES
CNV S2 jbednar, s1048519 Cython, topographica new software Cython done, need to finish topographica RT:66246 YES
EPL 2015 S1 jcheney scala plus eclipse plugin new software New course, no code yet RT:70345 YES
URP 2015 S1 John Lee ideally need a web page/site similar to that which supports the UG (and MSc) projects clone of msc/ugr project www site new www site RT:70952 N/A
-- RichardBell - 25 Aug 2014
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