Tartarus 'quickstart' documentation

  • Please read TartarusGlossary first
  • Note that options can be abbreviated - eg the following are acceptable '--newhost' for '--newhostname', '--managed' for '--managed_type'
  • You must use a double dash for options (eg --host, not -host).
  • If a short form hostname is used, eg 'iona', that will be expanded to the fully qualified inf address - eg 'iona.inf.ed.ac.uk


Display summary information (serial, description, hostname, allocation, location) of a specific item

Display information of the system with hostname 'gala'
ii query --host gala
Display information of the item with serial number 'CN45120YZY'
ii query --serial CN45120YZY

Displaying summary information for multiple items

Display all items allocated to user 'jimbob'
ii query --allocated_to jimbob
Display all 'dice' managed systems on floor 5 of the Forum
ii query --managed dice --location IF-5% 
Display all 'podium' machines in Appleton Tower
ii query --allocated_type podium --location AT-%
Display all MacBook Pros
ii query --description %macbook%pro%
Alternatively, use the web page

Displaying detailed information for specific or multiple items

Display detailed information of the system with hostname 'gala'
ii query --detail --host gala

Display the logbook for a specific item

Display the logbook for the system with hostname 'rocks'
ii logbook --host rocks
Display the logbook for the item with serial 'CZC345F3F'
ii logbook --serial CZC345F3F

Modifying information


Allocate the system with serial 'CZC2457YM0' to DICE user 'squinn'
ii edit --serial CZC2457YM0 --allocate squinn
Allocate the system with hostname 'gala' to DICE user 'tobee'
ii edit --host gala --allocate tobee
Allocate a system to a computing lab
ii edit --host rocks --alloctype lab
Mark a system as being unallocated
ii edit --host giz --alloctype unallocated


Check that there isn't already a hostname 'squirrel.inf.ed.ac.uk' in the DNS or the inventory
ii checkhost squirrel.inf.ed.ac.uk
Set the hostname of the system with serial 'CZC34FJ8E' to 'skye.inf.ed.ac.uk'
ii edit --serial CZC34FJ8E --newhostname skye
Rename 'skye.inf.ed.ac.uk' to 'mull.inf.ed.ac.uk'
ii edit --host skye --newhostname mull
Rename 'skye.inf.ed.ac.uk' to 'skye.net.inf.ed.ac.uk'
ii edit --host skye --newhostname skye.net.inf.ed.ac.uk
$ Swapping


Override the auto-detected location for system 'skye'
ii edit --host skye --location IF-5.14
Remove the manual location override
ii edit --host skye --location ''

Managed type

Set the system 'gala' to be of managed type 'dice'
ii edit --host gala --managed dice
Set the system with serial 'CSC34FJ8E' to be of managed type 'selfdynamic'
ii edit --serial CSC34FJ8E --managed selfdynamic


Record the system 'gaivota' as being managed by the MPU unit
ii edit --host gaivota --manager mp-unit@inf.ed.ac.uk

Add comment to logbook

Record a comment for the system 'zip'
ii logbook --host zip --comment 'disk drive replaced under warranty'

MAC addresses

To add a MAC address to a system
ii addmacaddr --host zip 3F:9B:33:9A:03:02
To remove a MAC address from a system
ii delmacaddr 3F:9B:33:9A:03:02


To record the barcode tag number for a system
ii edit --host gala --barcode 00361
To wipe a system's barcode
 ii edit --host gala --barcode ''

Associate an item with a system

To associate the item with serial '7U8IH9' with system 'azul'
ii additem --host azul --child_serial 7U8IH9
To dis-associate an item from a system
ii removeitem --serial 7U8IH9

Recording a changed serial number

To record a changed serial number

Marking as junk

To mark the system 'lochness' as being junk
ii edit --host lochness --alloctype junk


To mark the system 'skye' as being disposed of (by contract)
ii edit --host skye --ddate 2017-12-01 --dmethod contract
To mark the system 'islay' as having been stolen
ii edit --host islay --ddate 2018-01-03 --dmethod stolen --dextra 'Stolen from IF-3.02'

Combining options

Allocate the machine with serial 'DK34J87A' to DICE user 's1334124', set the managed type to 'selfdynamic' and record the barcode '000360'
ii edit --serial DK34J87A --allocate s1334124 --managed selfdynamic --barcode 000360 
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