How to change a serial number in Tartarus

It is sometimes necessary to record a change in the serial number of an item. For example, sometimes the serial number was incorrectly recorded in the first place or the serial number has changed as a result of a warranty replacement. Where this happens, the following process must be followed :-

  1. Take note of the original 'wrong' serial number.
  2. Change the serial number in the relevant orders file using rfe orders/{order-no}
  3. Wait at least 5 minutes for the serial number change to be registered. The original entry, with the 'wrong' serial number, will be retained in the inventory but with the 'orphaned' flag set to 'true'.
  4. Identify the 'iid' for the 'orphaned' entry :
    ii query --serial {original-serial} --orphaned --displayids --det |grep "^iid"
  5. Take note of the 'iid' returned (old_iid)
  6. Identify the 'iid' for the entry with the new serial number:
    ii query --serial {new-serial} --displayids --det | grep "^iid"
  7. Take note of the value returned (new_iid)
  8. Log on to the machine 'tartarus' and run the copy script:
    /usr/lib/tartarus/bin/copy_from_orphaned --from {old-iid} --to {new_iid}
    -- Main.AlastairScobie - 15 Mar 2019
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