Talk Series

Computing staff within the School of Informatics give technical presentations either as part of the Development Meeting or in the Technical Talks series.

2006-11-15TechnicalKen DawsonRuby on RailsOpen Document Presentation (ODP) and PDF
2007-02-07DevelopmentCraig StrachanAFS file systemPDF
2007-03-07DevelopmentCraig StrachanReview of Backup Technology PDF
2007-03-21TechnicalAlastair Scobie and George RossThe Informatics Forum
2007-04-18DevelopmentSimon WilkinsonSystem Monitoring
2007-05-02DevelopmentKen DawsonInventory SystemOpen Document Presentation (ODP) and PDF
2007-05-16TechnicalGraham DuttonPostgreSQL and AlpinePDF
2007-06-06DevelopmentIan DurkaczFuture Console ServersOpen Document Presentation (ODP) and PDF
2007-06-20TechnicalGordon ReidIT Service Management
2007-07-04DevelopmentIain RaeGridengine Configuration ReviewOpen Document Presentation (ODP) and PDF.
2007-08-01DevelopmentPaul AndersonDevelopment of the LCFG server and client and associated softwarePDF.
2007-08-15TechnicalStephen QuinneyLinux virtualisationPDF
2007-09-05DevelopmentTim CollesProposed Service CatalogueWiki Page
Simon WilkinsonThe apacheconf componentPDF.
2007-10-03DevelopmentAlison DownieCupsOpen Document Presentation (ODP) and PDF
Tim CollesAdobe ConnectInformatics Connect Service
George RossInformatics Forum Server RoomOpen Document Presentation (ODP) and PDF + server room diagram (PDF).
2007-10-17TechnicalArchie HowittXilinx WebPACK 9.2i On DICEPDF
2007-11-07DevelopmentSimon WilkinsonProposed Account Management modelPDF
2007-11-21TechnicalGeorge RossNetwork RoutingOpen Document Presentation (ODP) and PDF
2007-12-05DevelopmentChris CookePower Management on DICE DesktopsPDF
2007-12-19TechnicalGeorge RossNetwork FilteringOpen Document Presentation (ODP) and PDF
2008-02-06DevelopmentPaul AndersonLCFG-related projects and developmentsPDF
2008-02-20TechnicalKen DawsonInventory System (project update)Open Document Presentation (ODP) and PDF
2008-03-05DevelopmentStephen QuinneyLCFG buildtools rewritePDF
2008-04-16TechnicalNeil BrownAdding Simple Monitoring to a ComponentPDF and Flash
2008-10-29TechnicalStephen QuinneyUsing the new LCFG Build Tools
2008-11-05DevelopmentKen DawsonInventory System - RolloutOpen Document Presentation (ODP) and PDF
2011-01-19TechnicalRoger BurroughesMigration to ConfluenceODP
2011-06-15TechnicalToby BlakePrometheus OverviewPDF
2011-09-07DevelopmentIain Rae Virtualised Dice IssuesODP and PDF
2011-06-20DevelopmentIain Rae School clusterODP and PDF

-- RogerBurroughes - 03 Feb 2011

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