Technical Discussion Meeting 24/9/2014

Knowledge Management Data management service catalog recap.

  • Why were we doing this?
    • The University wants us to produce a service catalog
    • We want something useful we can query eg "list web servers running bash"

  • We think we can get most of what we want from LCFG and possibly some new meta data.
  • Graham suggested that we should have some sort of adapter for non-DICE things, so the same tools would find them too.
  • Tim: What about bigger services eg AFS? How do we tie together the smaller things eg the db/file servers, that make up the larger umbrella service that is AFS.

After some discussion it seemed we agreed we should first concentrate on producing something useful for us. The Uni's requirement, would be secondary, and perhaps easier to solve once we have something that we can query.

  • But it is difficult to get to get to comments from compiled profiles.
  • Perhaps some sort of combination of LCFG dumpdeps and expandlcfg ?

Tim also suggested that perhaps we do nothing and other than interrogating LCFG when and if required. Possibly documenting useful tricks/queries.

- What should we do now?

  • Someone to trial some example queries. Example how many machines running version of X of PHP that have firewall holes.
  • Someone to look at this as part of their PDP, or another innovation week?

Mobile Services Progress

  • Open VPN - Toby had a setup working for iOS. The same config now works for current Android OpenVPN client too.
    • Existing end points need updated to work with the new config
    • Wire T to be reassigned for new OpenVPN config, and people told to migrate to using that.
    • Then the freed current endpoints will be updated.
    • This new endpoint config should also offer better behaviour for Windows clients using OpenVPN .

  • Mobile Printing
    • You can buy airport/print dongles that attach to your printer network and act as a gateway to the printer for mobiles
    • Or there's linux daemon (see Craig)

There was some chat about how well Bonjour would work on wireless VPN, and whether it would be able to discover/chat to the above dongle or daemon.

More investigations are required.

  • Mobile AV connection

The WePresent ( has arrived, and will be installed in G.07 by the technicians.

Alastair will give a talk/demo of the WePresent .

LCFG Annual review

This was left till next time.

Single Thread Processor Choice

This was left till next time for a fuller chat, though Iain will send Alastair notes on a CPU benchmark he found (PassMark ?) that roughly corresponds with his own observations. And generally circulate his findings to COs. In summary "it's complicated".

-- NeilBrown - 12 Oct 2014

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