Neil's observations about "our" entitlements in the staff role, and what could be removed/moved.

Operational meeting action 26/06/19.

Role/Entitlement Description Comments
mail/staff/inbox Staff mail capabilities  
mail/staff/accept Staff mail capabilities  
printing/eucs/print Grants permission to use EUCS printer/plotters  
printing/colour/print Grants permission to use inf colour printers  
web/wcms/migration Migration web site  
web/blog/create blog.inf no new blogs being created
web/vhostblog/login a test blog probably!
Role/Entitlement Description Comments
web/wwwinf/staffonly Staff only pages  
web/wiki/staff Used identify staff for use on wiki.inf check if actually used
web/wwwinf/isdd Let staff login to the ISDD  
@homepagesuser include the homepagesuser role, ie give homepages access  
Role/Entitlement Description Comments
afs/loc/staff AFS volume location policy  
web/wwwinf/inf1staff Inf1 teaching staff only pages (some undergrads have this capability)  
NOT OURS But ones we may use
Role/Entitlement Description Comments

-- RossArmstrong - 25 Jun 2019

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