Commonly Asked Questions About the Move Of Informatics Staff Mail Services To The Central Staffmail Service (And Their Answers!

Will my email address change?

  • No, email addresses of the form <username> will continue to be valid for the foreseeable future.

Will I need to start using a new email client?

  • Almost certainly not. The current Informatics mail server and the Staffmail service are both IMAP servers and a client which works with one will work with the other.

Will the Imp web based mail interface still be available?

  • Yes, staffmail can be accessed via Imp

Will I still be able to use authenticated SMTP?

  • Yes, until a central authSMTP service becomes available, we will continue to run the Informatics authenticated SMTP service.

Does staffmail use disk quotas?

  • Yes, unlike the Informatics mail service, users of staffmail are are restricted in how much mail they can store on the mail server. This limit is currently set at 2GB. Very few Informatics users are currently using anything approaching this figure.

I don't know how much disk space I'm using on the mail server at the moment. How can I find out?

  • Send an empty message to You'll get a message back detailing your current usage.

Will I still be able to filter my incoming mail?

  • Yes, it is possible to construct rules to filter incoming mail. As with the current Informatics mail service, this is done via the Imp web based interface. The filtering software used by staffmail is Sieve (on the Informatics mail server we use Procmail) but this should only be an issue for the very few users who have created hand written rules rather than using the drop down menus in the Imp interface.

What about mailing lists

  • We will continue to run our own list server within Informatics and mailing lists will continue to be managed internally.

Will I continue to be able to access my mail from machines outside the University?

  • Yes. You will need to know your EASE password to do this.

Are there any other benefits to this move?

  • Staffmail has a couple of features which users may find useful. Firstly, folders on staffmail can contain a mixture of subfolders and messages making organising your email easier. It is also possible to give other University users access to selected mail folders making it easy to set up shared mail boxes. There is also a text based interface available for those using mobile devices.

Are there any drawbacks to this move?

  • Though not exactly a drawback, users should realise that once the move to staffmail has been made, most support requests regarding email will have to be passed on to the central IS support team. Informatics support staff will have no special privileges on the mail server and will be unable to directly assist with mail problems.

When is all this going to happen?

  • We hope to have the move completed by the start of September although this will depend on the resources IS have available. We will announce further details concerning the move in the next couple of weeks.

If you have any other questions you would like answered, please pass them on to the Services Unit.

-- CraigStrachan - 03 Apr 2008

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