Care and feeding of the Services Unit Shrimp


The routine for caring for the shrimp is as follows:

  • Every day - feed the young shrimp
  • Every day - Add fertilizer to the tank
  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday - feed the adult shrimp
  • Monday, Thursday - do a water change


Don't over-feed the shrimp! The excess they don't eat will just rot and mess up the water.

Currently the babies get half a spoonful (the tiny spoon that comes with the food) of crusta-gran baby every day. The adults get a spoonful of the normal sized food every second day. If you're finding there's lumps of uneaten food on the floor of the tank, then you're over feeding. On the other hand, if there's nothing on the floor of the tank you may be under feeding. On a Friday, take one of the algae wafers from the packet marked algenfutterblatter, weigh it down with a paper clip and pop it in the tank to see them through the weekend.


Not of the shrimp you will be happy to hear. Every day add two drops from the bottle marked Nano Tagesdunger to the tank. This helps the plants grow and helps prevent algae (the green and brown gunk which grows on the sides of the tank.

Water Changes

Water should be changed twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays. We only change 5 litres (= 25%) of the water at a time.

Equipment required

  • Two buckets, one green, one grey. The green bucket is for clean water only. Don't use it for anything else!. The grey bucket is for the dirty water.
  • One large bore green length of tubing, one small bore clear length of tubing
  • The bottles marked Nano Crusta-Fit and Nano Wasseraufbereiter. It's possible that the Nano Wasseraufbereiter will run out while I'm away in which case use the stuff in the container marked biotopol c instead. Use the cap of the container to measure the amount of biotopol c you add to the tank, you should add roughly 2.5 ml (half the smallest measure).

Prepare the clean water

As soon as you get in in the morning, wash out the green bucket under the tap. If it's a Monday add 10 drops from each of the two bottles (the crusta-fit helps keep the shrimp fit, as you might expect, the other bottle removes chlorine and other harmful chemicals from the water. the shrip will be very unhappy if you forget to do this) to the bucket. On Thursday, just add 10 drops from the bottle marked Nano Wasseraufbereiter (or biotopol c). Fill the bucket to the 5 litre mark from the filtered taps in the east kitchen areas (I use a mixture of hot and cold water) and leave the bucket in a safe place until lunchtime. This is to allow the temperature of the water to equal that in the tank.

Removed the dirty water

Unplug the filter. Water is removed from the tank using the siphon principle. Open the second desk drawer and put the grey bucket in it. Put one end of the appropriate hose in the tank and suck. I don't believe the tank water is harmful. Ideally you would start off by using the clear hose to hoover up the old food etc at the bottom of the tank but there are a lot of tiny shrimp about at the moment and you may wish to skip this step. To remove the bulk of the water, use the green hose and stick it just below the surface of the water where there is less chance of sucking up any inhabitants. Remove roughly 5 litres of tank water.

Clean the tank components

At this point take a look at the filter. If the input grill is becoming clogged with plat matter etc, you may need to wash it out. However, the shrimp seem to like sitting on the filter so make sure to move them away before going any further. You can detach the filter from the tank wall by pulling on the outflow pipe (the filter is attached with suckers to the tank wall). You won't be able to remove the filter from the tank completely but you should be able to lift it up high enough to get at the sponges inside the filter. these should be sluiced out in the dirty tank water you have just taken out of the tank. Don't wash the filters under a tap, the chlorine in the water will kill all the bacteria in the filter which keeps the water clean. Replace the sponges and stick the filter back into the tank, making sure of course that you're not trapping any shrimp. Pull the outlet pipe off the filter and give it a clean paying special attention to the little holes the water comes out of.

If the wall of the tank is covered in green or brown slime, carefully clean it off using the white scourer pad. Be careful not to squish any tiny shrimp!

Examine the grey bucket carefully for unexpected passengers then empty it out and dry the bucket off.

Place the grey bucket in front of the tank upside down and put the green bucket on top of it. Put one end of the clear hose on the bottom of the green bucket and suck the other end. Siphon the clean water into the tank. This will take some time but if we use the big hose or simply pour the water in, the gravel on the floor will be disturbed and cloud up the water. Once the tank has been topped up, remember to restart the filter.

I and the shrimp thank you.

-- CraigStrachan - 24 Mar 2009

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