A record of free disk space on each Fibre Channel disk array. Please make sure this table is updated.

Device Array location Size Free Use Notes
ATAboy1 1 KB 2.9TB 350GB Commodity Free space not at end of array!
ATAbeast1 1 KB 2.9TB 0.8TB Commodity  
ATAbeast1 2 KB 2.9TB 0.5TB Commodity  
ATAbeast1 3 KB 4.8TB 0TB group  
SATAbeast1 1 KB 6TB 3.2TB Commodity  
SATAbeast1 2 KB 6TB 0TB Group  
SATAbeast2 1 KB 9TB 0TB Group Miles Osborne / Philipp Koehn
SATAbeast2 2 KB 9TB 9TB Group Steve Renals / Simon King
SATAblade 1 KB 2.4TB 1.4TB Testing See Alastair
bioboy 1 KB 4.8TB 0TB Group See RAT Unit
bpbeast 1 BP 2.9TB 0TB Mirror space  
bpbeast 2 BP 2.9TB 0TB Group Space  
bpbeast 3 BP 2.9TB 0TB User / Group space  
SATAboy1 1 AT 3TB 0.4TB User Mostly AFS

For more detail you may be interested in ServicesUnitSANVolumes

-- CraigStrachan - 31 Oct 2007

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