A list of Services Unit machines on real hardware:

Name Model Role Warranty Expiry Date Location JBOD? Notes
bahookie R620 Web? 26/6/2019 IF N/A Homepages
belter R620 Web 22/05/2017 IF SVN test machine N/A  
bullied R730xd File 21/06/2021 KB Yes  
churchward R730xd File 04/04/2023 KB No  
collett R730xd File 15/06/2022 AT Yes  
fairburn R730xd File 15/06/2022 KB No  
gorgon DL180 File 7/9/2014 IF Gitlab - OOW
gresley R730xd File 18/5/2021 IF Yes  
halcyon 1950 File 10/8/2010 KB N/A OOW
hanlon R210 AFSDB 9/4/2018 IF N/A  
hobgoblin R720 www.inf DR 26/6/2019 KB N/A  
huldra R720 File 27/06/2018 IF N/A  
ivatt R730xd file 21/06/2021 KB No  
keto R730 File 28/5/2020 AT No  
kraken R720 File 25/7/2017 IF No  
ladon R730 File 28/5/2020 AT No  
lammasu 1950 File 19/9/2011 IF No OOW
lemon R730xd File 04/04/2023 AT Yes  
maunsell R730xd File 15/06/2022 KB No  
nessie R720 File 22/05/2017 IF N/A  
nuggle R720 File 27/6/2018 AT N/A  
peppercorn R730xd File 21/06/2021 IF Yes  
pergamon R720 Backups 26/6/2017 KB N/A  
pergamum R730 Backups 30/03/2022 KB N/A  
riddles R730xd Simonk File 29/09/2021 IF No  
skelp R620 Web 26/6/2019 IF N/A  
stanier R730xd File 21/06/2021 KB No  
yeti R720 File 25/7/2017 IF N/A  

Disk arrays

Name Warranty Expiry Date Notes
ifevo3 14/6/2018 + 1 4TB JBOD
ifevo4 14/6/2018  
ifevo2 1/4/2019 + 1 4TB JBOD

Tape library

Name Warranty Expiry Date Notes
t680 02/08/2020  

-- CraigStrachan - 30 May 2017

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