Our current suggestion of criticalities. Note that some machines are at KB, but I've given them a rating for completeness. The basic guide is all file servers are high, as backup/mirror machines, the main web servers, but not legacy web. Web apps, eg roombooking, bugzilla, cvs, svn, printing are medium/low.

server criticality
achilles medium
adenoid medium
alexandria high
astrotype medium
beano low
beezer high
bunyip high
cameleopard high
chewy low
cigar high
cockatrice high
crivvens high
crocotta high
dandy high
danio medium
droopy medium
halcyon high
hawthorn high
intertype medium
lammasu high
laney high
maelcum high
mermaid high
mullo high
nutty high
pyrolisk high
squonk high
stoater high
stockholm medium
stumer high
tarn medium
unicorn high
ventimiglia low
wafer high

-- NeilBrown - 10 Aug 2010

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