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WhatSorted ascending Who When Notes
Automate @inf alias creation Craig 1/6/10 Prometheus conduit?
Implement automatic management of ACLs on Staffmail Neil 1/6/10  
Improvements to RBS requested by Liz Neil 27/08/11 Probably done.
look at better way of monitoring TiBS roaming clients Craig 27/08/11  
Make apache restart properly (RT35808) Roger 7/6/10 Will this be fixed by moving to apacheconf? - NA all on apacheconf now
Move of admin samba to centre Craig 1/11/11 Still on going
Move of CVS/SVN to centre Ross 1/11/11 Done
Ongoing investigation of CUPS problems (eg RT41663, RT42155, RT48923, RT45326) Gordon 7/6/10 Done - write this up? - New probs

Mini projects are projects which need to be completed but which should not require sufficient effort to make them a full blown project.

Ones to consider:

  • Some form of local tiny.url service, perhaps
  • revisit CalDAV - dcspaul says things have come along and software is much better now.
  • When/if moving www.inf from cvs to svn publishing, look at RT 60294 to see if we could cater for some why for publishers to say "put this is svn, but don't publish on web".
  • RT 59215 - request to add Forum print queues to webprint.inf, ie not just AT pcounter queues.

-- CraigStrachan - 31 May 2010

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