29th Jan 2007

FC5 Progress

  • printing - we got a fix from Simon for nsslap for FC5 to fix file descriptor issues. This seems to have fixed things, though its early days for testing. It does come with a warning that it "leaks file descriptors" so it won't be shipped to DICE, and we might have to accept that we'll need to restart LPRng on a regular basis. Well move the BP print queues to the AT server, and FC5 powell and the move queues back slowly.

  • bugzilla - problems boot strapping on the new machine and then restoring the mysql backup data.

  • roombooking - now sort of running on FC5, though not behaving in the same way as the FC3 version!

  • jabber - Simon's looking at it.

Backup Project

THere was a productive meeting last week.

Web project

Need to get info from Morna soon to take this forward.

Also need to be aware of the likelihood of host www.scisa.ac.uk. A cross institution endevour.


Still waiting for RPMs


Not much progres.


Original discussion of time allocation on ServicesUnitMeeting20060619.

Need to standardise on our timekeeping recording. New topic to track this ServicesUnitTimeAllocation.

-- NeilBrown - 29 Jan 2007

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