Wanted a quick meeting, so didn't go through actions.

In Craig's absence

Craig's updated/created a few wiki topics before he left: AFSPartitionCreation, ServicesUnitPortnameInfo, AFSCraigBrainDump and OpenAFSPilot.

What I really wanted to talk about was stuff that needs done soon:

  • New disk space for coming session, Lindsey's submitted a ticket. The last I heard, before leaving on Friday, was that we should try and accomodate this anywhere but the SATABoy or SATABeast, though as a last resort we could. The prime canditate was the freed up space from AMI on the ATABeast at BP.
    • Bill will finish the AMI move (done) and the one off backup. AM1-4 are actually 2x1TB volumes, we'll remount one of the 1 TB volumes on pegasus (notionally the home dir server at BP) and create at least some of the home partitions there. Bill will try to have the new volume available on peagsus by tomorrow/wednesday.
    • Neil will order up the 2x500 IDE disks for KB so we can mirror the data.
  • 1TB of space for Mike OBoyle, RT 24456. This is to go on the SATABeast.
    • The only real problem is the physical connection, and then mirroring - neil will do this (the connection part at least)
  • Neil must ship the new look web for Diana. Will do tonight.
  • Neil to respond to the Collaborative web thing for CEG, before the 11th. CollaborativeWebResponse.
  • FC5 work, nameing ssh machines and homepages -> apache FC5 headers/components.
    • Gordon - has the staff.ssh (tarn) replacement (rydell) on a rack in AT, but not fully installed. He'll also do the student one in FH.
    • Homepages (hootsmon) replacement (laney) is also on the rack in AT, but not installed.
    • The ssh machines will be done by the end of the week, ie before week 0. homepages can probably wait until the end of week 0.
  • Finish Samba project for dev meeting.
  • AFS milestones for dev meeting, see last AFS minutes.
  • Simon King's corpus into the freed up AMI space.

  • Spam envelope problem * The scott thing and rsync our email lists as probably solved this. Neil will post to staff, or newsletter the details.

-- NeilBrown - 04 Sep 2006

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