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So that we have stated in black and white somewhere, this is the policy on how ITO email lists should be setup. First we need to define what an ITO list is. These are all lists autogenerated by the ITO DB and are:

list example
<course>-students cnl-students
<course>-tutors inf1-tutors
<course>-demonstrators cl1-demonstrators
<class>-lecturers ug2-lecturers
<class>-tas msc-tas, ug3-tas
New from 2011
<class>-markers msc-markers
<class>-organisers ug2-organisers
<class>-staff inf2-staff
Things removed in 2011 - from the DB generation
*-class ecsm4-class
<class>staff ug3staff, but not things with a hyphen eg ipab-staff
<class>co fmcs1co, mscco
<class>reps inf1areps
<class>help inf1bhelp

- which should tally with those publicised on the web pages: - make sure not world browseable - make sure not world browseable

All these lists will be set up as follows:

  1. The lists will not be publicly advertised by mailman.
  2. The lists will be archived to web, monthly and be private to the list members.
  3. The membership list will be visible to anyone within
  4. Subscription and unsubscription requests will be moderated, and notified to listmaster, though this is irrelevant as the memberships come from the DB.
  5. The list administrator will be ito-listmaster @ inf, and the admin password set to the same for all lists.
  6. The spam wrapper will file messages with a score of 3 or more.
  7. Max message size will be unlimited, up to the 10MB sendmail limit.
  8. The max. num recipents will be set to 15.
  9. Email addresses will be obscured.
  10. Replies should to sender.
  11. Only list members and Informatics Staff can post to the lists, all other posts are automatically discarded, with following exceptions:
    • Anyone with a email address can post to the lists that are NOT *-class or *-students.
    • Anyone with an email address who posts to a *-class or *-students list (and isn't a member of that list) has their message held up for approval.
    • Other posts are are automatically discarded (without anyone having the option to rescue them1)
    • Only staff can post to students@infREMOVE_THIS. Mail from other addresses are held for moderation, any other mail is automatically discarded1.
  12. Mail sent to the list must name the list directly in the To: or CC: fields.
  13. All other settings will be the default mailman settings (whatever they may be).

All existing lists will have their settings reset to the above settings (if not already set appropriately) and all new ITO lists will automatically be created as above. We (the services unit) will work on a regular process to flag any ITO lists whose settings change from the above.

Ideally we will find a way to temporarily store automatically discarded messages for a week or two, so that we can confirm if someone reports the mail from their @hotmail account didn't get through. But this is not essential.

List Archiving

From RT 25901

The [teaching] committee decided that:

All lists of students should be archived to tape at the end of the academic year in which they were sent (before the start of the new term). This covers all lists **-students, **-class, student-reps, and students@infREMOVE_THIS.

All lists relating the staff who teach on a course or module should be archived to tape at the end of the academic year following the one in which they were sent (before the start of the new term). ie during 0304 the mailman archive on the web for these lists will show all mail sent during 0304 and 0203. This covers all lists on

Technical note There is a script /disk/mailraid/scripts/archiveitolists that does the above given a date. There are sometimes problems when regenerating the web archives, in which case it is probably the attachments, just run the script again to get through the list (it will skip lists already done) and then fix up the archives for the problem lists. In the past it has just been a "filename*0=..." that needs fixed to just "filename=..." in the .mbox file. Then run "arch" again.


The above was agreed by head of the ITO and the Services Unit on .... . Use the revision history to see if any changes happened after this date.

-- NeilBrown - 22 Sep 2007

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