Giving Student Groups Print Quota

It would appear that we are once more giving students a certain amount of print quota for use in their courses. For AY 2017-2018, the amounts were

Year 1st Term 2nd Term Dissertation
UG1 7.5 7.5 -
UG2 7.50 7.50 -
UG3 10 10 -
UG4 15 25 -
UG5 15 25 -
MSC 15 15 20

Though in fact, at the request of the ITO, we gave the total amount of credit in one go. Note that unlike in previous years, we are giving them free quota meaning that we will be charged when IS do their totting up, not when the credit is given. It also means that we will only be charged for what the students use.

By far the simplest way to do this is to create a text file with all the usernames for a year (Toby can help with this), create an AD group from this file and then allocate the quota to these groups. The following information on how to do this was kindly provided by Bob O'Malley in IS. This assumes that you have access to the Active Directory Users and Computers snap-in for Taskpad on a Windows managed desktop (US-Unit can probably help with this):

You should have access to this area - Filter Groups/Local
Right click on local and select new folder and give it a name (best not to have spaces) 
Double click on the new group and select members
Select add - paste in a list of UUNs (from a text file with one UUN per line)
Click ok (it may ask you to confirm some if the UUN is not completely unique in AD)
Do the same for the other groups

Then use managePrint to add credit to the group (add AD group credit)

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