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Task Person Added Done
longjob improvement suggestion - RT 88520 Craig 23/4/2018  
update quotas to give UG3,4,5 and MSc full quota. Ops meeting Neil 8/3/2017 new version of dice-afsutils, but not live while contemplating impact. Will generate 4TB extra quota
add fail2ban to smtp.inf Neil 10/10/2016 1/3/2017
look at logging all apache logs centraly Neil 10/10/2016 works, but double logs to local, need to do more work
RT 79244 - add some way of warning or blocking bookings for the kitchen within a week of making the booking   4/10/2016  
Look at adding colour profiles for our cups printers, so that the likes of evince (when using colord) doesn't generate warnings. See RT 78979   9/9/2016  
Investigate RT76830 Mac safari save as date when downloading files from ifile   30/9/2016  
Add .doc filter to cups - Action from Jan 2016 Ops meeting gordonr 2/2/2016  
Make mail more resilient, should mail.inf go off the air, eg secondary MX to at least forward staff mail   28/5/2014  
Investigate how to improve accessibility of web sites from mobile devices   10/12/13  
Investigate printing from mobile devices   10/12/13  
Review Detonator/Sec1 web site scans and results unit 13/11/2013 NA, no longer use Detonator
Look at the default home directory layout for new accounts, eg a work and private folder, with appropriate ACLs. Action from Ops meeting 30/10/2013   12/11/2013  
Virtualise stoater Neil/Ross 8/11/2013 1/3/2017 as part of SL7
Resize KVM disks All 8/11/2013  
AFS Callback listing tool   8/11/2013  
AFS gather info script - for users to run if they have problems   8/11/2013  
Review data retention periods for AFS stats and printer logs, as listed on , and implement cms 7/10/2013  
What can be done to drop bounced/delayed root mail, to avoid floods/storms neilb 23/10/12  
Consider data location (esp proximity of mirrors and tape backups) All 02/04/12  
Investigate use of ext2,3,4 filesystems within the School Craig 16/05/11  
Investigate reconfiguring sshd daemon on SVN server to limit which commands can be run via ssh Craig 26/04/11  
Investigate whether we can switch off the samba servers Craig 21/6/10  
Tape copy of Erich IMR data, currently mirrored at KB   1/8/2013  
RT 66736 add date validation to acceptance date on publication form   6/5/2014 non-urgent
Alison suggested making longjob default to nice 10, with a new arg allowing people to override if necessary   24 Jun 2016  


Task Person Added Done
get a proper certificate for homepages, RT 82158 Neil 27/3/2017 Done
Move final AFS DB server off KDC   13/08/2014 NA the KDC moved from fenrir
Install new kbevo1 head node   14/4/2014 Done as kbevo3
Remount satabeast2 in rack, looks like it's coming off its rails unit 7/1/2014 Done. See 29/1 operational meeting
Update polopoly conduits to work in the 3G/Theon world, currently generating missing/old data. Effie request neilb 4/12/2013 Dropped too much time passed
Check we have the appropriate server room header on machines   12/11/2013 Done
Anon-IRC for teaching, mravatos neilb 8/11/2013 no longer required
Open up *-students lists to non-members, but still limit Inf/Ed   8/11/2013 Not done. Does it mean posting or archives or membership list?
Reformat /group/project/{ami9,cstr3} (satabeast2 woes)   8/11/2013 Done
Possible DHI Wordpress move   8/11/2013 NA, they've moved on
Update blog.inf neilb 8/11/2013 Done
AFS getcwd test script   8/11/2013 Dropped, problem seems to have gone away
AFS bring new space and RO volumes online neilb 8/11/2013 Some of new space now available. Some new evo can still be assigned
decide whether mailing list memberships should be visible outside ed (RT48870) Neil 7/6/10 No they shouldn't - Done
Check default accounts on SAN kit Neil 12/11/2013 Done
See about getting Bundy's important new HoS doc on web Neil 12/11/13 Done 13/11/13
Xerox MFD firmware update Neil 8/11/2013 Done.
Mook minor exploit report to B Gilmore Neil 8/11/2013 Done.
Neil appraisal Neil 8/11/2013 Done.
Roger appraisal Roger 8/11/2013 Done.
Replace lammasu with nix Neil 8/11/2013 Done Nov 2013
ITO RBS stats report work Neil 8/11/2013 Basic filter, could be improved
move BP beast to IF B.03 - use disks from this to replace atabeast1 disks Ross 11/11/2013 Done. BPbeast moved.
Replace failed disks in atabeast1 - then power off   8/11/2013  
Review locations of current users on local server disk space, and older accounts on SAN neilb 18/11/2013 Done Nov 2013
RT 64467 datascience Wordpress Neil 13/11/2013 Done. VM with WP
check tibs self managed backups Craig 1/11/11  
update tibs to latest version Craig 1/11/11  
Investigate moving all scanning to email Roger 21/6/10  
Talk to Johanna about laptop backups (RT42157) Craig 7/6/10 Move to TiBS
Replace 3 Forum AFS servers with nessie, yeti and kraken, leaving only squonk of the original machines. See Dec2012ForumAFSUpgrades neilb 1/12/2012 cameleopard replaced with nessie
Documentation week ServicesDocTodo All 18/2/2013  
Investigate email or RSS notifications from plone (RT41205) Neil 7/6/10 Works but not from restricted pages
Check out Morna's requirements for demo laptop backups Craig 7/6/10  
Install html5 validator on CVS web system (RT#48952 &c) Roger 13/09/2010  
Migrate all uses of apache component to apacheconf - is now a project   9/11/2010  
Decide on the "criticality" of our servers ServicesUnitProposedCriticality Neil 10/8/2010 Done
Investigate disappearing tokens on some multiuser machines Neil 22/7/2010 Done/NA

Tasks are listed in order of urgency and is manually maintained. Obviously we also have our normal list of service and project related tasks, but this is just a reminder of what we need to get done ASAP.

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