-- BillHewitt - 24 Oct 2006

++*What should the report look like*

+++*Overview Facts figures and mechanisms about the existing backups - (Bill will look at this) Look at RT history - how many restores are from Yesterday, last week, longer ago

+++*Requirements of new system +++++Preferably one solution to meet all tape backup needs +++++Backup AFS Craig will summarise possibilities for backing up AFS. A lot of this is on a recent thread on the OpenAFS mailing list. +++++Backup NFS +++++Backup Windows, Macs and laptops Current retrospect system needs replacing. Advantage of retrospect is that client licenses are cheap! +++++Mirroring Currently the afs backup volume gives us the equivalent of /yesterday on nfs filesystems (rsync/rmirror). Bill will talk to simon about possibilities and limitations of AFS for providing more than one days worth of AFS backups. Are there any other tools for providing multiple days on line backups for users to restore themselves. How much support effort would be saved if we provided mirrors for users to restore their own data from the last 7 days. +++++SAN Based Backups We should look at technology for doing backups with the tape device on the SAN. Are any of the data management SAN based tools compatible with AFS ? +++++Backup policy and implementation We need to be able to define which data is backed up to tape, which data is mirorred and how often tape backups at different levels happen. The backups component development that never got off the ground was going to try to specify (via lcfg) for each filesystem what the backup policy would be. We need a way of using this information to drive tape backups. +++*Proposed new backup systems With costs, benefits and drawbacks for hardware and software.

+++*Actions* Arrange a meeting with Simon for next week re AFS backups.

+++*Meeting 21/2/07* bacula for laptops/nfs, Tibs for AFS? multiple on-disk incremental backup images? talk to grantholders regarding loss of data costs etc.

+++*Actions* Bill to produce facts and figures from next meeting.

Bill will look at bacula.

Craig will get Tibs quotas for various configurations.

Ross will investigate current technologies for windows/macs

Ross will investigate services offered by EUCS

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