Buccleuch Place Server Room Rack Contents

Contents of the Buccleuch Place server room racks. Positions are approximate as the racks aren't labelled in Us


Nothing in rack 1 should be removed as part of this exercise. The kit in that rack almost all relates to the running of the network for the rest of the building. This will be handed over to IS in some yet-to-be-decided way after we move out of the server room.

rack 2

(The power arrangements for the switches in rack 1 have been sorted out, so the dependency that formerly existed on the UPSes in this rack doesn't hold any more.)

Hostname Model Size (U) Unit Purpose Destination Notes
lochgelly HP - Inf Console server skip Not rack mounted; rescue console hardware for spares
edswge01 ? 3 RAT Alex Voss web server skip Its self managed according to profile
alina PE1750 1 US compute server skip now retired - out of rack
limba PE1750 1 US CSTR server skip now retired - out of rack
maelcum SC1425 1 SU rbs forum  
draga PE1750 1 US CSTR server skip now retired - out of rack
munich PE750 1 SU Mirrors skip  
synapse PE750 1 US? ltg server skip Ewan Klein contacted
roseval PE1750 1 US CSTR server skip moved to Forum
sleekit PE650 1 SU www.cogsci skip  
ratte PE1750 1 US CSTR server skip moved to Forum
bunnocks PE2650 2 US corpora skip still in use - will check with CSTR
mandy PE650 1 US student.compute skip to be replaced
pegasus Sun 4 SU File server skip  
pegasus d2 Sun disk array 3 SU disk array skip  
goodall PE750 1 Inf Router offer to rat; else skip transfer network management elsewhere first
- APC 1000 1 Inf UPS ?  
- APC 3000 2 Inf UPS Appleton Tower level 3  
- APC 3000 2 Inf UPS Appleton Tower level 4  
- APC 3000 2 Inf UPS Forum  

rack 3

Hostname Model Size (U)Sorted ascending Unit Purpose Destination Notes
kingsmen SC1425 1 Inf kerberos slave skip Discs MUST be wiped
dendrite SC1425 1 RAT compute server Forum really US, its just a normal compute server
stakhanov PE1850 1 US compute server? ? moved to Forum
baphomet SC1425 1 US ? ? moved to Forum
chubby PE650 1 ? ? skip  
scargill pe1850 1 us text mining project ? moved to Forum
lenin PE1850 1 us Richard Shillcock's server ? checked with Richard - to go to Psychiatry, Cedric Macmartin
powell PE750 1 SU LPRng server skip  
pcpatsy PE750 1 US? Jonathon Kilgour web server ? contacted Jonathon Kilgour
- KVM switch 1     skip  
- APC 3000 2 Inf UPS Forum  
hippocampus Sun 4 SU File server skip  
bpbeast disk array 4 SU disk array forum?  

Non-rack shelving (only active machines shown)

2* Mac towers; Viglan tower; charybdis - AFS DB server; retrospec tape library; mac tower - macbackup

Hosts Definitely Moving

Name Unit U FC? Destination
maelcum SU 1 no IF
APC 3000 Inf 2 no AT-3
APC 3000 Inf 2 no AT-4
APC 3000 Inf 2 no Forum
APC 3000 Inf 2 no Forum
dendrite US 1 no IF
bpbeast SU 4 yes IF

Hosts Definitely Being Scrapped

Name Unit Notes
lochgelly Inf Rescue console hardware
Munich SU Rescue FC hardware
sleekit SU www.cogsci needs to go elsewhere before moving
mandy US Needs to be replaced
Pegasus D2 SU Disks need wiped
pegasus SU Rescue FC,Scsi hardware
goodall Inf Unless RAT want it; move network mangement elsewhere first
kingsmen Inf Discs MUST be wiped first
chubby ?  
Powell SU  
KVM switch Inf?  
hippocampus SU rescue FC equipment

Hosts Whose status Is As Yet Undetermined

Name Unit Notes
edswge01 RAT Belongs to Alex Voss
alina US Dead? - check with CSTR
limba US Check with CSTR
draga US Dead? - check with CSTR
synapse US Belongs to Ewan Klein
roseval US Check with CSTR
ratte US Check with CSTR
bunnocks US Check with CSTR
APC 1000 INF  
stakhanov US Check with CSTR
baphomet US Dead? - check with CSTR
scargill US Check with CSTR
lenin US Check with CSTR
pcpatsy US Belongs to Jonathon Kilgour

-- CraigStrachan - 03 Jun 2009

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