-- RossArmstrong - 03 Mar 2020

  • Forum serveroom cooling failure.
    • turned off huldra, kraken, ifev02 and gorgon.
    • gorgon is back on, and huldra and lammasu were decommissioned.
    • Can belter be scrapped?
  • Root filling up on blenny
    • benvolio flooding cups server, contacted user and rebooted offending machine.
  • Level 1 colour xerox "Accounting out of memory"
    • After hours of messing around asked IS to fix it, which they did.
  • Level 1 mono is offline - it has been moved to make way for furniture storage.
    • It also appears to have a hardware fault. When it's back in place we'll need to get an engineer out.
  • Had problems with RT#100770: URGENT Max Upload Size interfering with Student submissions
    • The answer was here. Created a "web" section on the Services Unit page, and added that link there.
    • On the evening of the 5th the submission system was too slow to be usable, 450 students trying to work/submit at the same time to a MySQL db in AFS doesn't work!
    • 6th Created a postgres db on pgteach for them.
  • Postmaster receiving lots of emails .
    • Appears to be a class messing around with sender info.
  • Moved user volumes off collett /vicepe to stop the 85% warning nags.
  • Acknowledged mcgraw nagios: SSL WARNING - Certificate networks.inf.ed.ac.uk expires in 18 day(s) (2020-03-28 17:43 +0000/GMT).
  • There are a few [WARNING] x509: Key generation for server failed emails. e.g
    • webtest
    • aiml
    • groups
    • www.asdtech.ed.ac.uk
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