• There are only two SSL certificates left to sort out:

site done
inf.ed.ac.uk, expires on 02/03/2020 (used for jabber xmpp)  
pp.inf.ed.ac.uk, expires on 02/03/2020  

  • Neil will ask Toby whether we can expect another list next month.
  • The new AFS pricing is still to be finalised.
  • kraken, huldra, lammasu and the ifevo2 still need to be junked, but Craig is using space on those machines at the moment, so hold off for now.
    • We could clear some space in B.03 by junking old HP printers.
  • A new file server is on its way. 24 x 8TB of raw space. It's expected to reside in AT, replacing keto and ladon.
    • We will need to provide RO space at KB.
  • All websites need to be accessibility compliant. https://www.ed.ac.uk/about/website/accessibility/statement
    • We may be able to use littleforrest for this.
    • Many sites will need a new cookie consent dialogue box/banner.
    • We might have to provide documentation about what constitutes an accessible site. or else point to the University's.

-- RossArmstrong - 17 Feb 2020

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