• IF
    • RAID cards are in peppercorn and gresley
    • gresley - created 14 x 2.1TB AFS partitions, and 2 x 1TB NFS partitions (RAID 10).
    • peppercorn - created 15 x 2.1TB AFS partitions (RAID 10).
    • Data has been moved off of huldra and kraken- exception being mirrors and structural volumes on huldra a.

  • AT
    • Data was moved off lemon on to churchward and grelsley for the shutdown.
    • RAID card is in lemon, data moved back.
    • created 14 x 2.1TB AFS partitions, and 2 x 1TB NFS partitions (RAID 10)

  • KB
    • RAID card is in bulleid
    • pergamon, kbevo1, kbevo2, sataboy1, halcyon and icsakbevo and two fiber switches have been removed
    • photos in Services AFS space
    • There's a ticket in techs queue asking for machines to be transported to IF-B.03.
    • Used RAID 6, giving us 54TB and 1 hot spare- 20 x 2.4TB + around 700GB free.

  • emails/events you might have noticed:
    • tibs-backup-report error
      • ERROR: .backup last update 20191122165558 is older than rw volume last update 20191128140146 on group.afs-mlp
      • turned out volume was locked, forced unlock and release it.
    • 28 emails stuck in the regular queue
      • I quarantined them
        • 6/12 I've been dequarantining them with the likes of sendmail -qQ -qIxB39mOMc029383 -Q. First the ones that were simply because UUN@inf wasn't going to UUN@exseed type, but are now. The other big problem seems to be for cfilli11 to a non-existent domain. Will probably just delete these, and remove the broken forward in aliases-staffmail.
    • mirror report page not reporting
      • chmod 755 index.cgi fixed it
    • tech's printer not printing
      • Libra office docs sent via lpr caused the printer to run out of memory. Killed jobs kept regenerating until I deleted them from /var/spool/cups.
    • peppercorn reboot
      • peppercorn seemed to get stuck on Monday, AFS volumes weren't being served up. A reboot sorted it.
    • nagios complaining partitions are too full.
      • Temporary due to the moves, I've redistributed volumes.
    • exams
      • due to lack of personnel I was roped into helping with a couple of exams.
    • sharepoint training
      • 3 days of.

-- RossArmstrong - 29 Nov 2019

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