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The Services Unit

A dumping ground for various useful bits of info, mainly for us, but occasionally for others.

The other place to look for Service Unit information is at








Current Tasks

included from ServicesUnitCurrentTasks

Task Person Added Done
longjob improvement suggestion - RT 88520 Craig 23/4/2018  
update quotas to give UG3,4,5 and MSc full quota. Ops meeting Neil 8/3/2017 new version of dice-afsutils, but not live while contemplating impact. Will generate 4TB extra quota
add fail2ban to smtp.inf Neil 10/10/2016 1/3/2017
look at logging all apache logs centraly Neil 10/10/2016 works, but double logs to local, need to do more work
RT 79244 - add some way of warning or blocking bookings for the kitchen within a week of making the booking   4/10/2016  
Look at adding colour profiles for our cups printers, so that the likes of evince (when using colord) doesn't generate warnings. See RT 78979   9/9/2016  
Investigate RT76830 Mac safari save as date when downloading files from ifile   30/9/2016  
Add .doc filter to cups - Action from Jan 2016 Ops meeting gordonr 2/2/2016  
Make mail more resilient, should mail.inf go off the air, eg secondary MX to at least forward staff mail   28/5/2014  
Investigate how to improve accessibility of web sites from mobile devices   10/12/13  
Investigate printing from mobile devices   10/12/13  
Review Detonator/Sec1 web site scans and results unit 13/11/2013 NA, no longer use Detonator
Look at the default home directory layout for new accounts, eg a work and private folder, with appropriate ACLs. Action from Ops meeting 30/10/2013   12/11/2013  
Virtualise stoater Neil/Ross 8/11/2013 1/3/2017 as part of SL7
Resize KVM disks All 8/11/2013  
AFS Callback listing tool   8/11/2013  
AFS gather info script - for users to run if they have problems   8/11/2013  
Review data retention periods for AFS stats and printer logs, as listed on , and implement cms 7/10/2013  
What can be done to drop bounced/delayed root mail, to avoid floods/storms neilb 23/10/12  
Consider data location (esp proximity of mirrors and tape backups) All 02/04/12  
Investigate use of ext2,3,4 filesystems within the School Craig 16/05/11  
Investigate reconfiguring sshd daemon on SVN server to limit which commands can be run via ssh Craig 26/04/11  
Investigate whether we can switch off the samba servers Craig 21/6/10  
Tape copy of Erich IMR data, currently mirrored at KB   1/8/2013  
RT 66736 add date validation to acceptance date on publication form   6/5/2014 non-urgent
Alison suggested making longjob default to nice 10, with a new arg allowing people to override if necessary   24 Jun 2016  


Task Person Added Done
get a proper certificate for homepages, RT 82158 Neil 27/3/2017 Done
Move final AFS DB server off KDC   13/08/2014 NA the KDC moved from fenrir
Install new kbevo1 head node   14/4/2014 Done as kbevo3
Remount satabeast2 in rack, looks like it's coming off its rails unit 7/1/2014 Done. See 29/1 operational meeting
Update polopoly conduits to work in the 3G/Theon world, currently generating missing/old data. Effie request neilb 4/12/2013 Dropped too much time passed
Check we have the appropriate server room header on machines   12/11/2013 Done
Anon-IRC for teaching, mravatos neilb 8/11/2013 no longer required
Open up *-students lists to non-members, but still limit Inf/Ed   8/11/2013 Not done. Does it mean posting or archives or membership list?
Reformat /group/project/{ami9,cstr3} (satabeast2 woes)   8/11/2013 Done
Possible DHI Wordpress move   8/11/2013 NA, they've moved on
Update blog.inf neilb 8/11/2013 Done
AFS getcwd test script   8/11/2013 Dropped, problem seems to have gone away
AFS bring new space and RO volumes online neilb 8/11/2013 Some of new space now available. Some new evo can still be assigned
decide whether mailing list memberships should be visible outside ed (RT48870) Neil 7/6/10 No they shouldn't - Done
Check default accounts on SAN kit Neil 12/11/2013 Done
See about getting Bundy's important new HoS doc on web Neil 12/11/13 Done 13/11/13
Xerox MFD firmware update Neil 8/11/2013 Done.
Mook minor exploit report to B Gilmore Neil 8/11/2013 Done.
Neil appraisal Neil 8/11/2013 Done.
Roger appraisal Roger 8/11/2013 Done.
Replace lammasu with nix Neil 8/11/2013 Done Nov 2013
ITO RBS stats report work Neil 8/11/2013 Basic filter, could be improved
move BP beast to IF B.03 - use disks from this to replace atabeast1 disks Ross 11/11/2013 Done. BPbeast moved.
Replace failed disks in atabeast1 - then power off   8/11/2013  
Review locations of current users on local server disk space, and older accounts on SAN neilb 18/11/2013 Done Nov 2013
RT 64467 datascience Wordpress Neil 13/11/2013 Done. VM with WP
check tibs self managed backups Craig 1/11/11  
update tibs to latest version Craig 1/11/11  
Investigate moving all scanning to email Roger 21/6/10  
Talk to Johanna about laptop backups (RT42157) Craig 7/6/10 Move to TiBS
Replace 3 Forum AFS servers with nessie, yeti and kraken, leaving only squonk of the original machines. See Dec2012ForumAFSUpgrades neilb 1/12/2012 cameleopard replaced with nessie
Documentation week ServicesDocTodo All 18/2/2013  
Investigate email or RSS notifications from plone (RT41205) Neil 7/6/10 Works but not from restricted pages
Check out Morna's requirements for demo laptop backups Craig 7/6/10  
Install html5 validator on CVS web system (RT#48952 &c) Roger 13/09/2010  
Migrate all uses of apache component to apacheconf - is now a project   9/11/2010  
Decide on the "criticality" of our servers ServicesUnitProposedCriticality Neil 10/8/2010 Done
Investigate disappearing tokens on some multiuser machines Neil 22/7/2010 Done/NA

Tasks are listed in order of urgency and is manually maintained. Obviously we also have our normal list of service and project related tasks, but this is just a reminder of what we need to get done ASAP.

Recurrent Tasks

included from ServicesUnitRecurrentTasks

TaskSorted descending Person When
Update lists of group and hompages sites findable via Google Lindsey January, May, Septamber

-- CraigStrachan - 06 Sep 2013

Mini Projects

Included from ServicesUnitMiniProjects

What Who When Notes
Implement automatic management of ACLs on Staffmail Neil 1/6/10  
Automate @inf alias creation Craig 1/6/10 Prometheus conduit?
Make apache restart properly (RT35808) Roger 7/6/10 Will this be fixed by moving to apacheconf? - NA all on apacheconf now
Ongoing investigation of CUPS problems (eg RT41663, RT42155, RT48923, RT45326) Gordon 7/6/10 Done - write this up? - New probs
look at better way of monitoring TiBS roaming clients Craig 27/08/11  
Improvements to RBS requested by Liz Neil 27/08/11 Probably done.
Move of CVS/SVN to centre Ross 1/11/11 Done
Move of admin samba to centre Craig 1/11/11 Still on going

Mini projects are projects which need to be completed but which should not require sufficient effort to make them a full blown project.

Ones to consider:

  • Some form of local tiny.url service, perhaps
  • revisit CalDAV - dcspaul says things have come along and software is much better now.
  • When/if moving www.inf from cvs to svn publishing, look at RT 60294 to see if we could cater for some why for publishers to say "put this is svn, but don't publish on web".
  • RT 59215 - request to add Forum print queues to webprint.inf, ie not just AT pcounter queues.

-- CraigStrachan - 31 May 2010

Saved for posterity


Attempted ServicesUnitRevamp .

Mar 2015 Disaster Recovery exercise notes

Jan 2014 Disaster Recovery exercise notes



Progress on upgrading servers to Various OS Levels (some historical):

List of web sites hosted on the groups web server

Contents of various machine room racks

Proposed timetable for moving machines out of the Appleton Tower machine room

Prioritised list of server upgrades

Move to Staffmail

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