These are the NFS partitions that still need to be added to TIBS:

host partition cache size done
sphinx ptn140      
sphinx ptn194      
sphinx rmirror128      
wyvern ptn080      
wyvern ptn138 tibscache2   30/12
wyvern ptn139 tibscache2   23/01
wyvern ptn159      
wyvern ptn165      
wyvern ptn166 tibscache2   30/12
wyvern ptn167 tibscache2   02/01
wyvern ptn168      
wyvern ptn169      
wyvern ptn170      
wyvern ptn193      
wyvern ptn195      
wyvern ptn196      
wyvern rmirror120      
wyvern rmirror121      
wyvern rmirror122      
wyvern rmirror129      
pegasus rmirror110      
pegasus rmirror111      
pegasus rmirror112      
pegasus rmirror114      
pegasus rmirror123      
hippocampus ptn070 tibscache2   31/12
hippocampus ptn089 tibscache2   31/12
hippocampus ptn090 tibscache2   01/01
hippocampus ptn091 tibscache2   01/01
hippocampus ptn092 tibscache2   01/01
hippocampus ptn125 tibscache2   02/01
hippocampus ptn151 tibscache2   02/01
hippocampus ptn157 tibscache2   06/01
hippocampus ptn164 tibscache2   06/01
hippocampus ptn173 tibscache2   23/01
hippocampus ptn174 tibscache1   22/01
hippocampus rmirror113      
har ptn129 it's a bit big!   leave for now
har ptn147 tibscache2   03/02
har ptn148 tibscache2   26/02
har ptn149      
har ptn150      
har ptn160      
har ptn161      
har ptn162      
har ptn163      
har beowulfshared      
har bw2      

-- AlisonDownie - 18 Dec 2008

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