For documentation week Feb 2013

See DocWeekWishlist (and possibly DocWeekToDo2013) for more details.

The important stuff we need to get done.


Doc on kerberos, ssh, afs etc all fit together - concepts.

Update Windows AFS Client docs.

Backups for selfmanaged linux.


Review all of docproj and identify what is ours, and check for currency - possibly passing on to someone else to actually check/do the work.

DocSorted ascending Updated Owner/Notes Current?
PostgreSQL User Self-service Guide   Deleted? ?
AFS ACLs 19/02/2013 Looks OK (top ten?) Yes
AFS top ten tips 19/02/2013 Looks OK Yes
Authenticated SMTP 19/02/2013 Looks OK Yes
Basics for Plone users 19/02/2013 Looks OK Yes
Locally-hosted Corpora and other language and speech data   Looks OK Yes
List of Corpora   Looks OK Yes
Corpora: New 19/11/2012 Looks OK (unlinked) Yes
SVN/CVS repositories   Looks OK Yes
General Web Questions 20/2/2013 Looks OK Yes
Group Web Space   Looks OK Yes
Informatics homepages web service   Looks OK Yes 18/02/2013   ?
Informatics Filesystem (AFS)   basic; systems link Yes
Installing Kerberos and OpenAFS on Windows 7   Obsoleted ?
Kerberos for Windows 20/2/2013 Toby ?
Legacy Websites   Looks OK Yes
Mail   Looks OK Yes
Main Informatics Web Site   systems link Yes
OpenAFS for MacOS   Needs content No
OpenAFS for self-managed Linux   Needs content No
OpenAFS for Windows   Needs content No
Plone Web CMS   Looks OK Yes
Printing A0 posters   Redundant? ?
Printing from DICE machines   Looks OK Yes
Printing from MacOS X   Looks OK Yes
Printing from self-managed Linux machines   Looks OK Yes
Printing from Windows   Looks OK Yes
Printing from a laptop 19/02/2013 Looks OK (brief) Yes
Printing   Looks OK (basic?) Yes
Remote access to restricted web pages   Looks OK Yes
Scanning using the Xerox MFDs   Looks OK (basic?) Yes
Self-managed backups 19/02/2013 1 link? ?
Serving web pages from AFS filespace   Looks OK (top ten?) Yes
How to log web page access 21/02/2013 Looks OK Yes
Web presence options 19/02/2013 Looks OK Yes
Web services   Looks OK (brief) Yes
Wiki Services   Looks OK Yes
Kerberos for MacOS ToDo Toby ?
Kerberos for Self-Managed Linux ToDo Toby ?
Laptop   Deleted? ?
Poster Printing   Deleted? ?
Scanning (OBSOLETE?)   Deleted ?

Look for wiki (user) docs that should be on docproj.


ifile docs - done

docs on

guidance on setting up a web presence. - done


All printing docs!


Identify iFriend supported services, and add to forth coming table from Infrastructure unit.

-- NeilBrown - 18 Feb 2013

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