Disruption to Forum Server Rooms' Power on Saturday 3rd February

We are expecting to have someone come to service one of the uninterruptible power supplies (UPSes) which cover the Forum server rooms on Saturday 3rd February. ALL services based in the Forum server rooms will be at-risk, and some will be shut down in advance to avoid later problems.

The Forum server rooms are covered by a pair of UPSes, working in tandem, one of which has developed a fault in its control circuits. In order to reduce the load to a level which can be carried by its partner on its own it will unfortunately be necessary to turn off a number of Forum-based services in advance.

Due to the nature of the fault there is an additional risk that the UPS's partner will also shut itself down while the work is done, leaving all of the Forum server rooms (B.02, B.Z14 and B.01) without power. If this does happen it is likely to be abrupt, and all Forum-based services would then be down for several hours. In order to minimise the potential overall effect, we will shut down some services in advance which would otherwise take a long time to recover from an abrupt power failure.

If you run any self-managed servers, please strongly consider shutting them down on Friday 2nd. It will save you from any issues resulting from an unclean shutdown; and if we find on Saturday that the load is still too high for one UPS to carry then we may have to turn them off in any case.

The following services will definitely be down during this work:

Service Comment
staff.compute use student.compute instead
Theon Services (ui.theon.inf, portal.theon.inf) read-only access available on request
AFS and NFS group and web space  
All group web servers see ServiceDisruptionFeb18ServicesUnit for details
Changing passwords via the command line and the web portal  
All Forum-based GPU servers  
Changes to www.inf Web site will be viewable but not editable

The following services will be "at risk" during the work:

Service Comments
staff.ssh use ssh.inf instead
pgresearch.inf (PostgreSQL research database)  
pgteach.inf (PostgreSQL teaching database)  
Webmark (webmark.inf)  
DPMT (dpmt.inf) / projects.inf  
Forum-based research servers  
Some home directories see ServiceDisruptionFeb18ServicesUnit for details
www.inf.ed.ac.uk Web site will be viewable but not editable
All wordpress sites  
School based printing  
Legacy department websites
media streaming server  

See also ServiceDisruptionFeb18ServicesUnit

Appleton Tower based services are not expected to be directly affected by this work, nor are Forum offices, wireless or phones.

-- AlisonDownie, CraigStrachan - 02 Feb 2018

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