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Name Informatics Wiki
Description A Wiki for information dissemination within and for Informatics users, https://wiki.inf.ed.ac.uk
Unit Services
End Users Academic Staff, Research Staff, Computing Staff, Research PG Students
Software twiki
Hardware VM hosted on MPU hardware
Risk More than Two People
Review Status No University Equivalent
Review Details There is currently no university wiki service with cosign/ifriend authentication
Dependencies cosign and ifriend
Redundancy Whatever redundancy the VM host offers. Expected to be redundant network and power links, RAID disks.
Off-site mirror of service, ikiw.inf.ed.ac.uk - a virtual machine
Connection Authentication Cosign
Connection Authentication Details (if Other)

Connection Authorization LDAP, Other
Connection Authorization Details (if Other) apache htgroup files (or equivalent)
Connection Configuration Management LCFG
Connection Configuration Management Details (if Other)

Connection Visibility World
Connection Visibility Details (if Other)

Connection Supported Clients Any web browser
Connection Client Configuration

Backend Authentication Not Applicable
Backend Authentication Details (if Other)

Backend Authorization Inherited from Connection, Not Applicable
Backend Authorization Details (if Other)

Backend Configuration Management LCFG
Backend Configuration Management Details (if Other) Manual configuration
User Feature Authentication Inherited from Connection, Not Applicable
User Feature Authentication Details (if Other)

User Feature Authorization Inherited from Connection, Other
User Feature Authorization Details (if Other) twiki name to username mapping table
User Feature Configuration Management Other
User Feature Configuration Management Details (if Other) Authorised user manually edits mapping table
Link to End User Documentation

Link to Technical Documentation

Miscellaneous Comments Hardware is currently shared with homepages service.
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