Name Mirror Service
Description Local service to mirror disk data from other machines/services to (ideally) an offsite location.
Unit Services
End Users Academic Staff, Research Staff, Computing Staff
Software rsync remctl
Hardware Several non-dedicated servers at most sites, with disk space to mirror data to
Risk More than Two People
Review Status No University Equivalent
Review Details University does offer a backup facility for data already stored on their SAN, but not a mirror service of your own data.
Dependencies rsync
kerberos for report generation
Redundancy The mirror servers also tend to be AFS file servers, so they have redundant power supplies, use RAID 5 SAN storage and have redundant network connections.
Connection Authentication Kerberos, Other
Connection Authentication Details (if Other) rsync's host allow/deny to restrict access to data.
Connection Authorization LCFG, Roles/Capabilities, Other
Connection Authorization Details (if Other) roles and caps determine who can run 'om' commands. straight pattern matching against kerberos principals to connect via remctl
Connection Configuration Management LCFG
Connection Configuration Management Details (if Other)

Connection Visibility Informatics
Connection Visibility Details (if Other)

Connection Supported Clients Web browser to view report. shell capable of running 'om'
Connection Client Configuration lcfg
Backend Authentication Inherited from Connection, Kerberos
Backend Authentication Details (if Other)

Backend Authorization Inherited from Connection, Other
Backend Authorization Details (if Other) straight pattern matching against kerberos principals to connect via remctl
Backend Configuration Management LCFG
Backend Configuration Management Details (if Other)

User Feature Authentication Not Applicable
User Feature Authentication Details (if Other)

User Feature Authorization Not Applicable
User Feature Authorization Details (if Other)

User Feature Configuration Management Not Applicable
User Feature Configuration Management Details (if Other)

Link to End User Documentation
Link to Technical Documentation
Miscellaneous Comments This is a slightly updated version of the DCS mirroring system that's been in use for over 10 years.
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