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Name Main School of Informatics Website
Description The School of informatics website is based at the URL www.inf.ed.ac.uk, however depending on where exactly in the site you are visiting, you may get content provided by one of 3 methods.
  • Public facing recruitment type pages are now redirected of to Polopoly content on the University's central web service.
  • Student and some staff information /student-services and /school-services are hosted in Plone on the www.inf server.
  • The original CVS/HTML published content.

Within the service we also include the "live" Disaster Recovery offsite mirror of the service.
Unit Services
End Users Academic Staff, Research Staff, Computing Staff, Administrative Staff, Secretarial Staff, Other Staff, Research PG Students, Taught PG Students, UG Students, University Staff, External Users
Software Apache httpd, Zope, Plone, cvs, sgml validation, postgresql, standard unix tools, rsync
Hardware Two servers, both with redundant local disks, power supplies and bonded network. Both connected to UPSes.
Risk More than Two People
Review Status University Equivalent Unsuitable
Review Details The central Polopoly service is not flexible enough for all our various needs, hence the reason only part of the content has been moved.
Dependencies Cosign, iFriend, Postgresql, rsync, apache, zope, plone.
The informatics database to generate some current teaching, research and staff details content.
Redundancy The main web server, currently wafer, is mirrored at least 4 times a day to an off site machine, canny.
So it is not a "live" mirror, but at most we'd only lose a few hours work. The DR server is always up and running, and only needs a DNS change for it to take over the role of being a (read only) version of www.inf while the original service is restored.
Connection Authentication None, Cosign, Other
Connection Authentication Details (if Other) To publish content via CVS, CVS pserver is still used.
Connection Authorization None, LDAP, LCFG, Roles/Capabilities, Netgroups, Groups, Other
Connection Authorization Details (if Other) Various bits of the site use differing methods to authorize action. The other is CVS ACLs.
Connection Configuration Management LCFG
Connection Configuration Management Details (if Other)

Connection Visibility World
Connection Visibility Details (if Other)

Connection Supported Clients Any web browser. cvs client.
Connection Client Configuration Manuall by user.
Backend Authentication Inherited from Connection, Kerberos, Cosign, Other
Backend Authentication Details (if Other) for a bit of postgres content, postgres allows a named user access from localhost.
Backend Authorization Inherited from Connection, LDAP, LCFG, Roles/Capabilities, Netgroups, Groups, Other
Backend Authorization Details (if Other) some postgres content scripts has users hard coded.
Backend Configuration Management LCFG
Backend Configuration Management Details (if Other) LCFG and Other, postgres stuff is hand maintained as part of the "data", similarly Plone config
User Feature Authentication Inherited from Connection, Kerberos, Cosign, Other
User Feature Authentication Details (if Other) cvs pserver
User Feature Authorization Inherited from Connection, LDAP, LCFG, Roles/Capabilities, Netgroups, Groups, Other
User Feature Authorization Details (if Other) cvs avail and access files. .htaccess files, Plone sharing tab
User Feature Configuration Management LCFG
User Feature Configuration Management Details (if Other) LCFG and Other, users can further change access via .htacces or Plone sharing tabs
Link to End User Documentation http://www.inf.ed.ac.uk/systems/web/publish/
Link to Technical Documentation http://www.dice.inf.ed.ac.uk/units/services/info/wwwinf.html
Miscellaneous Comments www.inf has evolved over the past 10+ years, and is a tangle of various technologies. Though mostly requires little effort to just keep it going. Occasionally new feature requests or major OS upgrades cause a spike in effort.
The effort to migrate all existing content to a new, one size fits all, solution would be considerable.

Central web provide Polopoly training and docs.

Our Plone training is rather adhoc, but see http://wcms.inf.ed.ac.uk/sandbox/training
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