-- GeorgeRoss - 29 Mar 2012

Name LogHost
Description A central collection point for syslog reports (others could be added as necessary). These are filtered and filed in various ways (again, extensibly).
Due to DP and RIP concerns, access is only available to computing staff; again this could be extended, but would require some work.
Unit Infrastructure
End Users Computing Staff
Software rsyslog
Hardware One (currently) server: tycho
Risk More than Two People
Review Status No University Equivalent
Review Details Due to DP and RIP concerns it would not be appropriate to use a generally-accessible service.
Dependencies None
Redundancy Currently none. It would be straightforward to add a second loghost. Note that logs are mirrored but are deliberately NOT backed up to tape, for DP/FOI reasons.
Connection Authentication Other
Connection Authentication Details (if Other) syslog messages are currently not authenticated. This could be added as an option.
Connection Authorization None
Connection Authorization Details (if Other)

Connection Configuration Management LCFG
Connection Configuration Management Details (if Other)

Connection Visibility Informatics
Connection Visibility Details (if Other)

Connection Supported Clients Anything that can send a standard syslog message
Connection Client Configuration By default on DICE SL6; for other systems see the associated documentation.
Backend Authentication Not Applicable
Backend Authentication Details (if Other)

Backend Authorization Not Applicable
Backend Authorization Details (if Other)

Backend Configuration Management Not Applicable
Backend Configuration Management Details (if Other)

User Feature Authentication Not Applicable
User Feature Authentication Details (if Other)

User Feature Authorization Not Applicable
User Feature Authorization Details (if Other)

User Feature Configuration Management Not Applicable
User Feature Configuration Management Details (if Other)

Link to End User Documentation N/A
Link to Technical Documentation http://www.rsyslog.com/doc/manual.html
Miscellaneous Comments See also http://www.dice.inf.ed.ac.uk/units/infrastructure/Projects/71-Logging/ and http://www.dice.inf.ed.ac.uk/units/infrastructure/Projects/155-Logging/
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