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Name LCFG rsync
Description rsync repository for the LCFG project
Unit Managed Platform
End Users Computing Staff, University Staff, External Users
Software rsync
Hardware One server, currently in Forum (budapest)
Risk Two People
Review Status No University Equivalent
Review Details No university rsync service that can provide the necessary 100GB of disk space.

Redundancy RAID1 disk on server
Connection Authentication None
Connection Authentication Details (if Other)

Connection Authorization None
Connection Authorization Details (if Other)

Connection Configuration Management LCFG
Connection Configuration Management Details (if Other)

Connection Visibility World
Connection Visibility Details (if Other)

Connection Supported Clients Any rsync client
Connection Client Configuration Nothing special required
Backend Authentication Not Applicable
Backend Authentication Details (if Other)

Backend Authorization Not Applicable
Backend Authorization Details (if Other)

Backend Configuration Management LCFG
Backend Configuration Management Details (if Other)

User Feature Authentication Not Applicable
User Feature Authentication Details (if Other)

User Feature Authorization Not Applicable
User Feature Authorization Details (if Other)

User Feature Configuration Management Not Applicable
User Feature Configuration Management Details (if Other)

Link to End User Documentation

Link to Technical Documentation

Miscellaneous Comments

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