Covid-19 server room access arrangements


  • For general information, see the the School's COVID pages.
  • Where there is a Risk Assessment covering a task, you MUST follow it.
  • If you think there should be a Risk Assessment to cover some task, please escalate in the usual way.
  • Where a grade of PPE is specified that grade must be used.
  • Suitable PPE will be provided where required.

Appleton Tower

  • For general information, see IS's working practice document. (The sections regarding asking Security to unset/reset alarms do not apply to AT.) In particular note the requirement to notify IS in advance of working in the AT basement server room.

Bayes Centre

There are no specific documents relating to the Bayes Centre, as it has no server rooms. Please refer to the general pages as appropriate.

Informatics Forum

  • Managers of self-managed servers should read our Covid-19 self-managed server room access page.
  • Anybody proposing access to our server rooms must read and understand the server rooms risk assessment. In particular, note:
    • Only two people in the server rooms (B.01, B.02, B.03, B.Z14 treated as one) at any time.
    • If you can't social-distance, mask and gloves are required. Remember the air flow through the servers front to back when working this out.
    • Gloves are required if you use any shared facilities, such as tools, keyboards, mice.
  • We have a separate risk assessment covering the handling of heavy items.
    • If it takes two of you to move or install something then mask and gloves are required.
  • For arranging access to the Forum server rooms, we have a bookings page to record bookings and associated RT tickets. C(S)Os MUST record their intentions there first, before visiting any of the associated rooms. Users accessing the self-managed rooms will have to submit a RT ticket first requesting a slot.
  • Note: you may also need to record a visit to B.Z10 (the basement closet) in addition to the other Forum basement rooms.
  • At the end of your visit, please report back to inf-unit regarding the remaining PPE, so that we can keep track of supply and have things orded in as appropriate. Likewise, let us know if you find what is provided unsuitable in some way.


-- GeorgeRoss - 13 Jul 2020

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