Scan/3XS HPC-T6a

Fault Log

  • 2017-03-01: rindr DOA(ish)
    • arrived dead, booted with half the RAM removed and was subsequently returned as the RAM seemed ok and the onsite engineer could not resolve the problems


These are a departure from our previous GPU servers as Nvidia have restricted supplies of the Titan-X card and the only sensible way we can purchase them is in boxes from an Nvidia approved supplier.


The][hpc-t6a]]is a 3XS(Scan) branded version of an Asus ECS4000 G3S It is a 2U high server capable of taking 4 GPUs

Installation Notes

As the machines are non standard the following may be useful in seting the machines up.



Before installing the server make sure you remove the plastic sheeting stuck tp the top of the server box or the GPUs will overheat. There are two clips which need to be screwed to the side of the chassis to allow it to clip and lock into the rails. The rails themselves need to be screwed into the racking at the back and the servers need then to be screwed into the rails at the front.

BIOS/Video out.

As delivered the servers have been coming with the console output directed at one of the GPUs. this makes admining it very difficult as the dirver will sleep any connections when there is no keyboard activity and will then "forget" that there was an LCD display connected when there is keyboard input. We have reverted console output to the onboard VGA. This can be achieved bu doing the following:

  • set 3-pin VGA_SW1 to 1-2 to enable the onboard vga
  • in the BIOS (Miscellaneous settings) menu set active video to onboard.

-- IainRae - 21 Mar 2017

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