Zapped defunct content and replaced with simple list of SL6 machines still to go:

host description notesSorted ascending
collins CUPS server craig - replaced by blenny
barb git and gerrit craig - replaced by cory
tench git server craig -replaced by plec
mariona redmine kill/gordon?
lammasu Fileserver and private AFS server for npt neil
toaster Web: groups.inf web server neil
wafer Web: and various Institutes neil - Planning on VM'ing but will need 200+GB just for data
canny DR Web: and various Institutes neil - Planning on VM'ing but will need 200+GB just for data
sanremo Bugzilla server neil - replaced by sanremosl7
fantoosh SL6 homepages and wiki server neil - will be replaced by bahookie
crunchie "Mail: Main Informatics Mail Server" neil - will be replaced by flakey
babbler Informatics Jabber server - KVM guest on oyster, in Forum server room roger
knox cvs/svn.inf roger - replaced by wishart

SL7 machine total = 79 SL6 machines still running a live service = 7


VM space

For the services we are planning on VM'ing. The current free space on the VMhosts are:

girassol - 130GB
gaivota - 1000GB
azul - 16GB + 950GB
amarela - 480GB
vermelha - 650GB

Are MPU happy for me to grab 300GB from gaivota and 200GB vermelha?

Apache 2.4

Though apache 2.4 ships with a compatibility module to allow old style "allow/deny" and the new "require host" directives. The recommendation is that you don't mix and match those directives. Indeed I had problems debugging access problems when trying to use both, so I've been simply disabling the compatibility module !apacheconf.moduleactive_access_compat mSET(no) to force only the new "require" way. Any .htaccess or config that then contains the old access directives throws an apache error.

For the main web servers, homepages, groups, www. The plan will be (ahead of time) to update config something like:

  <IfVersion < 2.4>\n
  order deny,allow\n
  deny from all\n
  <IfVersion >= 2.4>\n
  Require all denied\n

And provide docs on for users.

-- NeilBrown - 05 Jun 2017

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