SL7 base Server project (356)

Click here to see the whiteboard from the 25/09/15 meeting

Done Area Needed for Urgency Who Needs
DONE fstab: partition layout + sizes server.h etc. 1 Stephen  
Bridging (DONE)
Bonding (DONE)
Multi-homed (Work In Progress)
2 Chris Physical server
DONE nagios client + remctl Network monitoring
3 Stephen  
DONE IPMI Serial over LAN, hwmon, toohot 4 Chris Physical server
DONE hwmon Physical servers 4 Chris  
DONE toohot   4 Chris  
DONE localhome Most MPU servers 5 Alastair  
DONE logwatch
DONE psacct
DONE rkhunter
DONE fail2ban
auditd reports
Remote user servers      
DONE DNS all   George Currently using off machine DNS servers
wip hw model headers       Access to physical servers of each model
DONE rsync / rmirror     Chris  
DONE FC / multipath and monitoring of       A physical machine with FC. A test fabric?
DONE LVM        
DONE RAID tools and headers       MegaSAS DONE
DONE nut       Infrastructure Unit doing
DONE autofs     Craig/Toby Configuration still reliant on one LDAP server (arlott)
DONE apacheconf        
DONE diskfull        
xinetd rewrite       Might not be required

Available machines

We could probably use these servers:

Model Names Confirmed available RAID
R710 metropolitan yes MegaRAID SAS
DL180 sauce yes HP P410
R610 vulcan yes MegaRAID SAS
R620 belter yes MegaRAID SAS
R210 skoll yes SAS 5i/R
R210 hati yes SAS 5i/R
R730 azul yes MegaRAID SAS
R610 burly yes MegaRAID SAS
There isn't a spare machine with H200 RAID.

In addition the "james" and "charles" machines are running SL7 (and some have H200 RAID).

We need to mark up the LCFG hardware support matrix

Must do VLAN and bonding tests (etc) on real machines and do a variety of tests from various wires etc. (next time)

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