SL7 Meeting Tuesday 6th January 2015


The following target dates were agreed:

  • Mid January - first stable EL7 platform for INF layer
  • End of January - machines using all-DICE headers (installable)
  • Mid January - COs using EL7 for their main DICE desktop
  • Mid February - first stable EL7 platform for DICE layer
  • 1st March - invite guinea pigs to upgrade to EL7

Services Unit

Craig working on this. Just about done, but no config in dicehacks yet. some possible issues wrt LDAP to sort out, don't really need for guinea pigs, but need for real deployment
  • timing problem means does not find maps on startup/reboot, needs manual restart subsequent to boot
cups (BLOCKER)
simple, appears to be working, just needs some simple config in dice-hacks
happy that this works ok
works ok
afs client
working, would like to use systemd to start afs, not the component
  • afs client component split so just uses systemd now, but not in place yet (openafs-client)


package list infrastructure (BLOCKER)
package building (BLOCKER)
bashdefenv - built and there plus completion and bash patched
thunderbird (epel?)
- trivial - shipped
etc done
ship a gnome2 alternative
(eg mate/cinammon)
svn 1.7
distributed, not default on sl6?


kerberos (BLOCKER)
now done and working. when to run kdcregister? installroot - works.
  • What IS and other schools want. end of first boot (as in previous installs) - difficult to do in systemd world where things start asynchronously. Component prompts for password, but other components spit out output before user has chance to type in password. Could do by creating another target???
using SSSD currently working fine, config via file component.
  • Currently configured to use small number of servers - some are ready to go,waiting on certificate changing mechanism.
  • Toby written a sub-classing the inifile component to create a simple SSSD component and in place
  • George looking at using chrony instead of NTP (for desktops). file component or chrony component to write
currently using resolvconf for now.
  • dns (bind) component not added into startup yet
  • George is looking at splitting apart existing component into different components. TODO: Check how route is currently configured? Is it via network component ? Yip, not using DHCP. He may produce a simple rdisc component
"wallet" for ssh
for retention of host keys over re-installations - done

Managed Platform

Display manager (BLOCKER)
GDM - difficult to change login screen and not very user friendly. Using LightDM need to resolve xscreensaver, screenlock and power management; added nice bg image (which will also be switchable for lab exams)
  • pull "xlockmore" from commodity
  • bg image setter bug - resolution may not be set correctly - fixable (graham)
DICE headers (BLOCKER)
Stephen done
Adding new "internet-online"
target rather than relying on "network-online" target to avoid timing/ordering problems at boot
partition layout
- Stephen proposed final - consider a 200MB blank space for UEFI?
replacement for
for updaterpms etc nightly run

-- StephenQuinney - 16 Jan 2015

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