Scientific Linux 6 release information for desktop users


Scientific Linux 6, 64-bit is now being implemented throughout the school as the default OS for DICE desktops.

Can I test sl6_64 before my desktop is upgraded?

Yes. There is an alias, testsl6, which you can ssh on to anytime to try things out. If you are happy with what you find, you can contact support to arrange for your machine to be upgraded.


Setting Default Login Session
Some users have legacy settings that the desktop tries to load and either use the wrong session as default or a broken session. This can be fixed using the 'switchdesk' command to set the default session, e.g. switchdesk gnome
Setting emacs keyboard shortcuts for other applications
So that firefox for example recognises emacs shortcut combinations, do this command
gconftool-2 --set /desktop/gnome/interface/gtk_key_theme Emacs --type string

-- JenniferOxley - 15 Sep 2011

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