Summary of sending rootmail to Office 365

As an action from our Operational meeting of 27/2/2019 I emailed the linuxmans mailing list on the 19th of March 2019, asking about people's experiences sending rootmail to O365.

Including these details:

""" It's currently got about 28,000 messages in it, so about 2000 messages a day. Occasionally we (all the computing staff) need to search/sort/manipulate those messages, via IMAP on staffmail. """

No one confessed to actually storing rootmail in O365, but various responses said they wouldn't be concerned about it coping with that volume or rate of mail.

I did get one response saying that we shouldn't just continue to do things (ie send rootmail to a share mailbox) just because we have in the past. Perhaps we should be using a better tool for whatever task we think that helps us achieve. For example things we need to know about (that go to root mail) should really being going directly into RT/Unidesk.

From some experimenting I did, it would seem that if we did send rootmail to are functional/shared account in O365, then we'd only be able to access it as ourselves (eg neilb) via the Windows or web client. If you want to access it via IMAP, then you'd need to know the functional account's password, and sign in as that.

R Taylor reported this (shared username and passwd) is how they do it for shared accounts, but lists drawbacks as:

  • Have to go around entering username/password
  • Doesnt survive a profile wipe
  • Users logging into OWA as themselves wont be able to send emails from the shared account
  • Users with multiple devices (laptop, smart phone) need each manually configured

So in conclusion, no one admitted to actually using o365 for root mail. It probably would work, but we'd have to decide if the access to it was for us.

-- NeilBrown - 20 May 2019

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