It looks like the incoming queue processor on the pkgforge server
(pinemarten) has died. It does this occasionally when there are AFS
glitches, I need to make some changes to allow it to cope with short
outages of the AFS fileservers. 

Everything runs as the 'pkgforge' user so you can check this yourself
by ssh-ing to ardbeg and doing:

ps -upkgforge

You should see something like this:

28028 ?        00:00:00 k5start
28034 ?        00:00:00 pkgforge-incomi

If there are no processes or there is only a k5start process then it
has died. You can restart the service with "om pkgforge restart". It
is pretty much always safe to restart the service so don't worry about
having to do it.

You can see the service logs in the /var/log/pkgforge/ directory. Due
to a small bug in the logging config it currently doesn't always
switch to the new file after logrotate so you might want to look at
incoming.log.1 as well as incoming.log (the same applies for the
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