Restarting AMD

When amd dies/gets in a state on a machine, it seems to be a bit of a black art to get it going again, without resorting to rebooting the machine. Having said that the following seems to have worked for me fairly reliably. Note this is Solaris, I've not had to do a linux machine for a while, though if memory serves, it is a very similar procedure.


If amd dies, or gets stuck such that you have to kill it, then try the following to get it to succesfully restart. You'll want to be root to do all this:

  1. stop the amd component om amd stop if it complains about not being able to stop, then first try kill and then kill -9 the running amd process. If you had to resort to the kill still do an om amd stop to keep the component happy.
  2. track down any processes that may be keeping an /amd mount alive. I do /usr/local/bin/lsof | grep amd, kill those processes, or ask their owner to do so.
  3. check what df says, if it still shows /amd/... mounts, then try unmounting them by hand ie umount /amd/nethome/...
  4. check /etc/mnttab for amd mounts, I do grep amd /etc/mnttab and unmount the ones returned.
  5. if a plain umount doesn't do the trick, then use the -f flag to force it eg umount -f /amd/localhome
  6. at this point you should have no amd processes running, and no mentions of amd in /etc/mnttab, so
  7. start amd with om amd start
  8. check it's worked, cd into an automounted directory eg cd /partition/ptn074


No definitw detail here until I've confirmed the steps. The only thing I remember, is that it can be hard to kill off all the processes that are keeping amd mounts alive, and so sometimes rebooting is just easier.

-- NeilBrown - 01 Feb 2007

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