An initial triage (usually by frontline support) will place the request into one of the following categories (first matching category wins):

Illegal immoral or contentious
anything that's on the banned list should result in an immediate knock-back

Trivial Install
These will be packages which are "yummable" or optional software installs (e.g. from a header) following the PackageSearchProcedure. In this case the software can be installed on a user's machine immediately. RAT should then be notified (as defined in the linked procedure) and will consider the software for wider inclusion.

required software
This is software required for teaching, or in support of some research grant. i.e. this is software which we "have" to install but is not a trivial install. This should go into the rat-unit queue in the first instance (RAT may choose to defer to the Requested Software ).

not required
This is software that will not obviously support teaching or research and which will require effort to install and should be "parked" in Requested Software until there is CO time to process it.

Anything where we need to immediately ask the user for more information....(query, rinse and repeat)

-- IainRae - 21 Feb 2013

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