How to grant a user remote access to their Win10MDP managed desktop

Instructions for support team

Firstly you will need to connect to a support MDP machine yourself to access the TaskPad tool

From a terminal within DICE xrdp machine e.g you can use command:

rdesktop atmdp (or ifmdp)
Alternatively from your home machine set up a new Remote Desktop connection to or following screenshots of settings

On the support MDP

  1. In the windows search box enter TaskPad.
  2. Click Yes if prompted by User Account Control to run Microsoft Management Console.
  3. Right-click on and select Find...
  4. Change the Find drop down list scope to Computers.
  5. Enter the name of the computer you wish to administer (e.g. INF-KANGRU) and press Find now.
  6. Right-click on the machine and select Manage.
  7. Expand System Tools from the list on the left hand-side.
  8. Expand Local Users and Groups.
  9. Select Groups under Local Users and Groups on the left hand-side.
  10. Double-click on the Remote Desktop Users group in the middle window pane.
  11. Click Add...
  12. Type the UUN of the user then click Check Names.
  13. If the UUN is recognised click OK.
  14. Exit out of all screens.

Instructions for the user

IS Remote Desktop page contains the full instructions for connecting and has recently been updated with further guidance during the current ongoing situation

  • Tell the user to skip the step "Make your Computer Wakeable" . IS have set all MDPs to remain awake during the Covid closure. In normal times the user would wake a sleeping machine via
  • Tell the user to skip the step "Add yourself for remote access". We have already done the necessary using TaskPad above.
  • A VPN connection is not required to use Remote Desktop.
  • For MacOS users at home - instruct them to use one of the alternative gateway machines listed in Step 5 of the "Remote access from your Mac to your office computer" instructions, as the alias never seems to work.

Is wiki page containing alternative gateways is here: IS Wiki They are:


-- JenniferOxley - 31 Mar 2020

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