Releases: Emergency info

What's a release?

Once a week we take a snapshot of the "core" files in subversion - the headers and package lists. That snapshot is the "testing release". We then test it, and fix problems until it passes the tests. On Wednesday afternoon it then becomes our new "stable release". Most DICE machines use the stable release.

For more detail see ReleasesFAQ.

How do I do a release?

ReleaseManagementProcedures tells you exactly how to run the releases from week to week. It should tell you everything you need to know about making and testing releases including these:

How do I fix LCFG?

See LCFGServiceInfo.

How do I free up space for this week's new install images?

When you build the CD images for a release the copying of the new image file to the MPU AFS space may occasionally fail. If this happens, you may find that the area has run out of disk quota. Take a look like so:
First, go to the MPU AFS space
cd /afs/
Show the size of the disk quota and how much has been used
fs listquota
If the quota has been used up
Delete some old CD image files. Try to keep this week's and last week's images if you can but delete ones older than that until you've made enough space.
If disk quota is not the problem
Do you have permission to write to this area? Consult Alastair or an AFS guru if you don't. (Try writing a file there to find out.)
If you still don't know why it's not working
Ask an AFS guru what the problem might be.
Automatic deletion of old image files
The two CD build scripts buildstablecd and buildtestingcd normally automatically find and delete old unwanted CD image files to ensure that there's plenty of spare space. If this has obviously failed, take a look at the scripts to see if you can see why.

If you take over the LCFG releases

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