Research and Teaching Unit kit "requirements" for F/Y to August 2011

Research and Teaching unit kit requirements for F/Y to August 2011, roughly in priority order.

What Why Requirements Priority £Estimate Comments
replace "cake" (School DB Server) age >3yrs; out of warranty; slower than current desktops three local physical disks, large memory High 2500  
replace "cracker" and/or "puffin" (Research DB Server and Demo/Tomcat Server) ages >4yrs and >5yrs respectively; out of warranty; latter is public facing, former getting increased use; neither VM suitable basic server fine, larger local disk Medium 2000 could maybe merge into one server to save buying two
replace "scimitar" and/or "seavixen" (RAT Virtual Hosting servers, 1850s) ages >7yrs; out of warranty; energy inefficient more memory, larger local disk Low 1500 suggest one new server to replace both
replace GPFS PE750's ages >7yrs; out of warranty; energy inefficient large local disks Low 1000 each how many?
new unit laptops improved work efficiency; increased mobility standard Low 1500 each would need three
replace gridengine/hadoop cluster its old, energy inefficient, SL6 TBD Very Low many 1000s  

-- TimColles - 24 Feb 2011

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