Research and Teaching Unit - 2nd Quarter 2007 Report


This report covers thirteen weeks from 02/04/2007 to 29/06/2007.

Type FTE
Actual 1828
Full 2457

With full staff complement unit FTE is 5.4, which at 35 HRS / week is 189 HRS / week. Total for period covered is 2457 HRS. Actual unit hours for period covered was 1828 hours. This is reduced as a result of normal annual leave allocation and sick leave, and increased as a result of overtime. In FTE terms effort available for period covered was on average 4 instead of 5.4, so effectively down almost 1.5 FTE staff members. Figures below are given in FTEs in tables and graphs and as percentages of actual effort in text.

Overall Summary

Type FTE
Other 1.879120
Research 1.165935
Teaching 0.972528

Work specifically targeted at Research accounted for approximately 29% of available effort. Work specifically targeted at Teaching accounted for approximately 24% of available effort. The remaining 47% was targeted at neither or both. Consequently in this quarter Research effort was down, Teaching effort was up and Other effort was also up. Analysis below.

Research Breakdown

Type FTE
Baseline supporting Research 0.295055
Research 0.626373
Research supporting Grant 0.071979
Research supporting Group 0.172527

In detail, Research work related to a specific grant or group was 5%, down significantly from last quarter (24%). This is largely because of completion of the ProofGeneral project in the previous quarter. A new ProofGeneral project and two other new grant charged projects have started which will be reflected in the next quarters report. Non-specific Research work was 16%, up from last quarter (14%). This is largely made up of development and operational work directed towards the clusters, Gridengine and Condor. Work supporting Research was 9%, approximately the same as last quarter. This includes porting research software to FC6 and work on the technical reports system for example.

Teaching Breakdown

Type FTE
Baseline supporting Teaching 0.953296
Teaching 0.019232

Work supporting Teaching was 24%, up from last quarter (17%). This is largely through development work making the System Design Practical and Computer Design courses available on DICE.


The remaining work (not specific to Teaching or Research) was 47%, up significantly from last quarter (37%). Included in this is all management, meetings, training, administration and overhead not specifically associated with teaching or research. It also includes work on the database or other services used by both teaching and research.

Type of Work

Type FTE
Collective 0.303846
Development 1.725825
Management 0.275823
Operational 1.344504
Overhead 0.367581

No significant change from last quarter. Development work accounted for 43% of activity. Operational work accounted for 33% of activity. Remainder made up of Management, Meetings and other administrative overhead (24%). Since Operational work is such a high percentage it is a priority to reduce this so some attempt is made to break it down below to see where effort is actually being spent.

Type Name FTE
014 Console Servers upgrade to FC5 0.015384
017 Appraisals 0.002198
019 Teaching Packages for FC6 0.302198
034 Database Administration 0.293407

From the above it can be seen that porting teaching packages and adhoc database administration account for over half of the effort. Since teaching packages is seasonal, we could investigate what in adhoc database administration takes effort and look at options for reducing this and/or shifting more to support. The other 41% is adhoc operational work, none of which on its own constitutes a single big enough clump for attention. However, it is significant enough to suggest that looking at in more detail to see if anything occurs repeatedly and can be proceduralized and potentially shifted to support might help.

Accounted Work

Effort of more than one FTE week on one specific area is itemized below.

Type Name FTE
019 Teaching Packages for FC6 3.957142857142
034 Database Administration 3.814285714285
020 Online Dissertation Mark Report Forms 2.892857142857
028 Postgresql Component 1.7
023 Piklab on DICE for CD 1.592857142857
007 Dev Proj #28 - Gridengine Configuration Review 1.5
021 GPFS Investigation 1.3

-- TimColles - 09 Aug 2007

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